Mobile phones too complicated?

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Good news, Philip Schofield's programme about Christmas gifts has just said that Nokia have re released the Nokia 3310. My son found this easy to use, he's never really managed his newer phone, which is worrying as sometimes he goes out on his own, and needs to be able to call someone in an emergency. So I know what one of his Christmas presents will be now! (priced about £50)
My first mobile phone was an original Nokia 3310. I used it until it fell apart. Sometimes the oldies are the best.

Very sensible- there musr be loads of people who just want an emergency phone just for phone calls and /or texting . Even if you have a laptop or tablet you might not want your nose in a tiny phone all day long
And probably a lot more user friendly than most of the phones out there that are supposed to be designed for the elderly or disabled but generally have features that are counterproductive.
What mobiles phones for the elderly need is a 'dial tone'!!! That's what is SO confusing about them. You need something that simulates picking up a phone and hearing a 'dial tone' and knowing the 'line is free' so you can 'dial your number' etc.

In other words, they need to be as much like 'real phones' (ie, landline phones) as possible.

And with BIG numbers!