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banks and poa.

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hi everyone,just a quick question .does anyone know if it is best to inform the bank that i have poa for my mum,who has mixed dementia,before the inevitable happens,or after.i already deal with mums finances ,i am third party for her accounts.many thanks jane.
YES ! ... and other parties as well .. LA / SS / GP / DWP / utility companies ... even Age UK if already under their radar.

I have assumed the EPA flavour :

https://www.ageuk.org.uk/information-ad ... -attorney/

Don't lose sight of a potential Council Tax dIscount / disregard if not already in place.

AGE UK for this one :

https://www.ageuk.org.uk/information-ad ... uncil-tax/
Yes - I informed Mum's bank and all other relevant parties as soon as we activated it and had no problems later on.
Yes, tell the bank, then you sign her cheques with YOUR signature, not hers.

You should also be able to have your own debit card on the account. HSBC refused to give me one for the debit card, but were happy for me to have one on mum's Mastercard credit card account, which was odd.
Not too impressed with the Age uk info on CTax - it is inacurate and misleading

May get exemption if
"you have, or you live with someone who has, a severe mental impairment (e.g. dementia)."

To qualify for an exemption the property needs to be wholey occupies by people with Severe Mental Impairment.
If one person is SMI and one a carer there is a double disregard and the 50 % property element remains payable

It also says if a property in unoccupied and empty for 6 months (correct) for example if you have gone into hospital. Who pre arranges to empty their house before they go into hospital? the only exemption given for someone in hospital is when there is no inention to return home.
In which case , try our Government's site :


Or , the CAB's :

https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/housi ... uncil-tax/

Possible to search for a particular problem ... COUNCIL TAX ( Say ) DISREGARDS ... whole host will be revealed , some relevant.