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Mechanics of lifting out of the bath? - Carers UK Forum

Mechanics of lifting out of the bath?

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
Can anyone give me any info on the mechanics of helping someone out of the bath who is 50% heavier than you?

There are some very good websites if you google disablity aids, but if you go through your health centre OT you should get exactly what you need, but this can take a while.
We had our bath removed and replaced with a walk/wheel in shower. Contact your OT dept and they will be able to help, or contact your local carers centre.
I'd go with Mairie on this one: whatever happens you should never lift anyone alone - especially when they are above your own weight. The damage you can do to yourself is frightening.

Easy for me to say - but an OT assessment might well help to identify equipment, etc., that can help.
Thanks all, I shall google disability aids and see where we go with the health centre, but you see we have a walk in shower in our bathroom as well as the bath (have done for over 10 years and there's room for a seat, I must have had a brainwave!) but K sometimes likes a soak instead of a sluice and my, my, 61 year old males can be stubborn! Yesterday was the first time he got stuck Image in a position where he couldn't right himself with just arm strength. I'm incredibly glad I asked him (a fairly strong "ask") not to take a bath when I'm not in the house, and I hope the experience will have reinforced the request!

Best thing would be handles on the bath I think but I didn't foresee the need back in 1998!

Am off to google now....

Many thanks,

Hi lancslady, we have had the same problems with bathing and have received very good help via our OT and have found Lancashire social services very good in providing the aids that we have needed. First we had a seat that fitted over the bath, swung out for him to sit on then swung round and lowered him down into the water. Then when that was not good enough, due to hubbies progressive loss of muscle they provided a track on the ceiling to which is attached a hoist operated by a remote control. If you google westholme who make the hoist you can have a look. We have a track in the bathroom running from the WC to the bath, one over the bed and one in the living room. You may not need anything quite that drastic but do ask your OT ours has been brill and we have managed to stay one jump ahead with the help that we have recieved. Image