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Looking for bariatric scale

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stacey _1705 wrote:Thats good you are going to uni and getting carers in then.sometimes when its not family members in they will do more for carers than family.i know this of my granny she wouldnt listen to me but does what carers say lol.so sometimes its better bringing in the professionals.
She might not even get carers when I go. Her sister is thinking of coming and looking after her. As long as she gets her food she's pretty happy
Aw right.it might get to the stage it might be best getting professional help cause it is so sad cause shes very young.it is her personal choice to not have carers and stuff tho she prob doesnt want any outside help and overeating. Could be an underlying depression for comfort eating would be good to insist she gets it all addressed be firm with her as she will prob be looking easiest option which will enable her to just eat but long term its not good
Sorry for bombaring you with all questions im just thinking of the best ways coping with this situation.im just realising you have been doing this years as you are 19 maybe you have had to grow up with this so would be your normality.having said that its a very hard situation left for you to have to deal with thats why i suggested getting whole load of professions to help as your mother is such a good age to get her better rather than her just being comfortable to continue to eat and decline in health