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Question about catheters - Carers UK Forum

Question about catheters

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Evening all.
I'm sure there must be a post somewhere about catheters, but I've scrolled through without success - so my apologies for any duplication.
My dad has had his catheter since August and he seems to have had endless problems with it. We've seen the urology nurse and she said it would be changed after 12 weeks (which is nearly up) - but my question is - are they always so problematic? Dad has had at least 2 infections already and is again this evening saying it's uncomfortable.
Another thought has crossed my mind, can the catheters be affected by certain types of food?

He can't manage without it but if it's going to be an endless road of infections and problems with it I can see this becoming quite a big problem. Any thoughts or advice would, as always, be much appreciated. (Even if it's just to say - no you're stuck with the situation :roll: ) Thanks Sandra :-)
Have a look at the NHS website, lots of information about managing.
Thank you :-) Will take a look :-)
My husband has had to have a catheter since his stroke over 18 months ago. They are an endless source of urine infections. Normally they are changed every 12 weeks but latterly our district nurse had decided it should be 8 weeks to try to cut down the amount of infections he was having. As you say, they are a necessary evil.
I am sorry to hear your dad's situation. My mum had a catherta while she was recovering from a bed sore (just to give chance for the sore to heal).
She had it for 5 weeks and it was constant infection for mum and headache for me, At the end I decided to have it off. I think it's unnecessary problem, unless it is a must for the person to have catherta in , it's not worth for increasing illness it causes for an elderly person who already has many different health problems.

Good luck
Hi Sandra
My dad has a catheter fitted, he had it for over a year. I have lost count of how many UTI 's he had . Unfortunately without it he can't fully empty his bladder and that can cause even more problems. My advise is keep a check on the urine in the bag (colour ) for possible infection and get it dip tested .