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Look under those sagging breasts - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Look under those sagging breasts

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
Proof (as if it were needed) that men's minds are one track :roll:

Just as well your sense of humour lets you get away with it Albert
Another possible solution.

If the bras don't work, or are too tricky to get on or off, etc etc, here is another suggestion.

Get hold of a long (ie, not square) scarf made in a soft material - not fleecy, but cottony ideally (not silky, though that might work)and use that to wind around your wife's ribcage, underneath her breasts. The soft material of the scarf will prevent the dreaded 'feminine chafing' (!), but because the scarf is only tied around the ribcage, it's loads easier to get on and off, or lift to apply creams etc etc.

It's effectively a very soft bandage, that separates the 'weight' of the breast from the ribcage. It also serves to 'lift' the breast a little, so makes the 'drag' factor less uncomfortable! (I have NEVER known why girl complain of being flat as a pancake - LOADS MORE COMFY DEARIE!!!!!)(OK, when young, I can see the disadvantage re blokes etc etc!!!!!)

For cheap scarves, your best bet is charity shops - there's always a good choice there, and are cheap enough for you to try out several lengths (they do need to be about four foot, I would think, ideally, though shorter can work, depends on the size of your wife's ribcage!), and you will want several re laundry (especially if they are getting greasy with sudocream etc etc)

Good luck with it all! What devoted hubby you are. She's a lucky lady, your wife!
Thanks Jenny for all that. The funny thing is that it is only on her left breast, the other one is OK.
Rather like my old suit...… single breasted. :)

A soft scarf under her and going up around the neck might help to lift better.

I shall carry out some experiments on my wife. :lol:
The awkward discussions people shy from often turn out to be the important ones, so its good that we can actually talk about this sort of thing in a mature way. I have former/current senior carers/nurses in the immediate/extended family so down the years the banter/conversations of the day tend to prepare you for whats lurking around the corner and little ever surprises me.

I feel like the ladies usually tend to have a more open/relaxed camaraderie when it comes to personal health and you get a sense of that even in just the few replies here.
Compared to us guys that get get scolded for not regularly checking our junk or getting a prostate exam as we get older etc.

One thing I would add regarding Albert's original advice is while this particular case is a specific body area you should certainly give consideration to both gender's as we can all develop loose/sagging skin (and other bits!) as we get older.
Plus consideration to above average/larger size caree's with body mass because their less likely to be able to effectively maintain good hygiene if they are poorly or have health/mobility problems and are prone to the same sort of bacteria accumulation irrespective of their age group

Best wishes
Honey Badger is quite right. We are writing as if only women got red areas of skin under folds of various kinds. Not true! Fortunately I had a lot of help from careworkers.