Look under those sagging breasts

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This is not a vulgar topic...….

I examine my wife quite often as she is not aware of any problems developing with her skin etc

My wife has the odd red area on her etc which I treat with ointments like Sodocrem.

She has saggy breasts, as many women have when aging and quite recently I spotted a red area
by one of her breasts.

On lifting her breast up I found a very nasty raw area right underneath where the underside ofher breast had been rubbing against her skin.

I put some padding around it with a smoothing ointment and it seems to be healing well.

If I had not spotted that it would have started to bleed and may have led to a nasty infection untreasted.

Maybe she should go back to wearing a bra again?

I now examine all her private parts on a regular basis just in case.

You carers of the female elderly take note
Oh dear, 'feminine chafing' strikes again! You mention bras - most women find them uncomfortable, but so is the alternative alas!!

I would suggest nipping to somewhere like a large Sainsbury's, that has its Tu clothing outlet (not in all branches), and buying some 'softee bras'. They come in fairly basic sizes (determined by the rib cage, and then the actual cup size) (allowing for fat, remember!)(sigh), but the key thing is that they are SOFT. They can be worn in bed overnight, and are very comfy (for bras). They are pretty cheap - they should be about a fiver each or so, but may come in packs of three.

They aren't boned or wired or whatever, and aren't brilliant for 'shaping' but they WILL stop the 'feminine chafing' you've thankfully noticed.

Sadly, the ageing human body ain't the prettiest of things (!), but there we go. Comfort trumps beauty at this stage!

Good luck with it all
PS - the softee bras don't do up at the back or front, they are loosely elasticated, so go on 'over the head' like a vest, or could be 'pulled up' from the feet upwards. They are very stretchy.
Sometimes it can be a fungal infection, similar to Athlete's Foot or Thrush, which tends to like warm damp areas.

The chemist will sell a cream called Clotrimazole which will fight any infection.
Make sure the area is carefully washed, and then rather than use ordinary talc, use foot powder instead.
When I was pregnant you could buy something called a Maternity Sleep Bra (needless to say husband did not like this idea one bit!!) which gave gentle support. I've just had a look at ebay and various styles are available, some front fastening too.
Gee thanks ladies, I never knew it was common to have chaffing there.
I will certainly look into your bra suggestions and thanks for them.

I was going to rummage into my wife's clothes drawers to find bras but thought they would be too tight and so cause more problems.

I do have that cream.

Thanks again.
Albert, we are always happy to help. Caring for someone of the opposite sex brings extra challenges.
Well, I must say that I've seen more of my wife's private body parts these last few months than
I ever saw in our first few weeks of marriage over 50 years ago. :)
And quite right too!

None of ours (or yours!) 'bits and pieces' were designed with aesthetics in mind. Only function!

Look away now!!!!!!!

Re bras. Maternity bras (ie, the overnight ones) might be good, but will be more expensive. I would try the 'softee' ones first, and if they do the trick, great. If not, lash out on the maternity ones???
Hi. I had this problem with mum in the summer (I've posted about this before). I check daily and use Proshield Plus cream and spray if ever a slight red patch appears. You can order it via prescription through your/her gp. And I use cotton gauze, again via the gp, placed under the breasts. I agree looking after mum has been an eye opener on that front. Kind regards Nicholas
jenny lucas wrote:
Sun Nov 04, 2018 1:26 pm

Re bras. Maternity bras (ie, the overnight ones) might be good, but will be more expensive. I would try the 'softee' ones first, and if they do the trick, great. If not, lash out on the maternity ones???

Blimey, maternity bras at 93. Whatever next? :)

I have ordered a non padded cheap bra from Sainsburys that doesn't have back fastenings.
They didn't have white ones so I ordered black.............
if it doesn't cure her the black one might turn me on. :lol:
:lol: @ last comment!