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How safe are council key safes? - Carers UK Forum

How safe are council key safes?

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
As the population is getting older more are having key safes fitted.
Many are fitted by local council social services who will have
the code to open them.

I do wonder how secure this council knowledge is?
Anyone had any experience in having social services
security key locks fitted over some years....anyone burgled?
The key safes we fitted for mum had the facility to change the safe code. In mum's case it was the year of her birth.
Personally, no problems but have had the newer type fitted less chance of being misused and left open by carers.
Professionaly, I have seen an elderly lady with the old style of key box, where you set the number on a turrning dial instead of tapping in a number, which had been used so oftern, it would settle naturally on the right number so anyone really could have used it . I strongly recommend a touch key pad and not a dial system.
When positioning it , try to place it out of view of the road. Mine is round the back of the house and can't be seen from passers by.
I have also helped a lady who had it torn off the wall, but even the bank Cash points are attacked so you can only go so far to prevent incidents of that kind.
If you ever have any doubts about visitors, you can always change the number.
Personally I have removed the obvious valuables from the house and they are stored elsewhere. Anything of sentimental or intrinsic value -consider a bank safe deposit box.
I agree with removing all valuables, and not so valuables too! My mum kept losing cutlery, to the point where she hardly had enough to use any more. Teaspoons especially kept disappearing, until I bought some really cheap and nasty ones from ebay, which managed not to stray! Alternatively, put anything nice in a separate room which only you have a key to. Sad, but true, that this is necessary. Mum even gave me her engagement and wedding rings, which dad bought for her when he was in the RAF in South Africa during the war, and brought them back with him, so he could ask her to marry him - they married when mum was just 18. She couldn't wear them any more due to arthritic hands, and said she wanted me, as only daughter, to have all her jewellery, and I might as well have it early to make sure I got it. That's terribly sad really.
You should be able to change code as often as you like. Had one for 16 years now, no burglaries. But then again, can't say I am perfect nor obsessed about locking windows and doors but nope I ain't publishing my address or giving code clues on a forum!!!!!