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Given Notice to leave carehome - Carers UK Forum

Given Notice to leave carehome

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I am not sure what to do, my wife has been given 4 weeks notice to leave the carehome she is in becasue "no one wants to work with her". My wife is fully reliant on the 1-2-1 care after she was left totally disabled following a stroke. I was given a letter of the 4 week notice today because the feel they can no longer provide the care needed. What rights do I have?
Barry, I'm really sorry to hear this, the worst time of the year for this to be happening. Ring social services asap, the christmas holiday means you need to get the ball rolling as soon as possible. Is she in a care, or nursing home? Who pays for her care? Has anyone mentioned NHS Continuing Healthcare to you? It's a postcode lottery, but make sure your wife has an assessment. Google this for more information. I would also think about ringing the Care Quality Commission. Do you know what aspect of her care they find most difficult? How did you feel about the home. Were you happy with them?
Well, the timing couldn't be worse, could it?

I do know what you're going through to an extent as not once but TWICE now my MIL with dementia has been expelled at very, very short notice!

The first time the care home manager phoned me to say 'She wandered off this morning before breakfast, got as far as the road, and was fortunately spotted, and ushered back in. We want her out today!' I negotiated a week.... (strictly speaking, the contract said one month's notice, but to them it was, I do understand, a safeguarding issue - had she been hit by a car or whatever, god knows what the liability would have been, etc etc)(it wasn't a formal 'secure' home, so they had no way of 'depriving her of liberty' etc etc). (Grimly, she was just trying to get to me.....wanted to move back in, sigh. So sad, so frustrating.)

The second time was this last summer when the home I found for her (at a week's notice!!!!!), phoned me and said 'We really can't cope any more' (there had been yet more 'wandering' - again, not a formal secure home), and told me she had to leave ASAP. I was 400 miles away on holiday in the northcountry!!!!!

Fortunately, the manager phoned the manager of another nearby care home that had a secure unit, they had a vacancy, and the manager simply packed up her stuff and took her over there, all before I got back from holiday!

But, I say all this to show that these 'abrupt catastrophes' do seem to happen. A resident is 'endured and endured' and suddenly 'no more! She's got to go!'

As BB says, what are the actual reasons that the care home says means they can't care for your wife?

I have to say the phrase 'no one wants to work with her'....is alarming. It's the 'WANTS' bit....

Is there some indication, do you think, that she is a 'difficult' patient not just because of her physical condition, but because of her attitude towards staff???? I think it's important to distinguish, because if they do indeed have the facilities and skilled staff to cope with other residents of similar disability, then really, they should, surely, not have any 'real' reason to expel her? Do you suspect it may be her personality or attitude? What does the care home manager say 'off the record' to you? Remember, they have to 'play the game' and so what they say 'officially' may not necessarily be the whole, or actual truth.

one thing is definitely true though - they couldn't have picked a more difficult time for you to have to sort out moving her!

Hoping a solution appears ........
Out of curiosity, what would happen if one refused to take someone
back or transfer them out of a care home to another ?

They couldn't chuck them out onto the street so
what would the care home do?
That's why it's so important to get Social Services involved. A home is much more likely to negotiate with SSD than an individual.
hello Barry, I hope you have managed to speak to the management today and been advised what needs to be done next. Maybe Adult Services at the Local Authority are also involved by now, if only on a temporary basis. Maybe Home or yourself have both notified The local authority by now, I hope so. WHat is needed now is Good Communication.
Also worth notifying her GP.

I hope your wife is soon settled somewhere where her needs can be adequately met.
Hard as it must be for you, a Home cannot legally keep her in circumstanceS you describe. I suspect It would risk losing its license as I see it (but I am NOT qualified, just offering an opinion, based on general knowledge).
If you are still uncertain, contact Indepentage.org.uk, AgeUk or the advice line of this charity, Carers UK who should be able to advise.
We will be intersted to see how things proceed for you both.

@Albert.....I understand that there are protocols in place for these situations..usually involves Adult Services taking intitiative on a temporary basis at least (even if resident is funded by CHC). Could involve Best Interest Decisions, Independent Advocates (plus taking into account Carers viewpoints) blah blah blah. Check out for yourself if you are interested, care homes closures are becoming more frequent ....greater need for protocols.
BArry's situation is different but I suggest that similar safeguards are in place. JOlly well hope so, anyway!
Thanks for all the comments, I can see this is not the first time this sort of thing has happenen. I do not have the time to respond to each comment so here is a one size fits all answer.
My wife is totally diabled, peg fed and on a trachi, she has no movement, does not speak or communicate other than through her eyes (a very hit and miss approach). The home has told me Continuning Health care will be intouch to help me find a new home but I have not heard anything yet.
Although the home strongly deniy this, I feel the issue is not my wife but me, I am always rasing concerns about the way things are done, we have had safeguarding involved several times along with CQC. I was told yeaterday that it is because of my wife so many staff have left or she is the reason why so many phone in sick, I feel she is being made a scape goat and it is not fair, surely as her husband I have a right for things to be done correctly, due to her state of health she cannot complain for herself so she needs to rely on me.
Barry, of course you should complain if you are unhappy about your wife's care, that's your responsibility as next of kin. I have also had the same complaint levelled at me in the past. When my son with learning difficulties cannot speak up for himself, but tells me if he has a problem, then I could not live with myself if Ididn't say anything. Is your wife currently funded by CHC? Be sure to tell the Care Quality Commission of this latest situation.
Oh, Barry, what a dreadful situation for your poor wife - how absolutely horrific. I can understand both why caring for someone in such a limited state would be very difficult, and I can also understand how 'involved' you are over just how that care is delivered.

Is the care home one that is specialised for looking after such patients, or is your wife in the worst state compared with the others? I do hope that a better home can be found, with staff who know exactly how to look after someone with such severe conditions as your poor wife.

This is only a dreadful thought, but, is it a case where either hospital or even hospice would be better for your wife? However, hospital care may not be any great improvement.

I don't wish to speak out of turn, but there is another member here whose son has very severe physical limitations now, due to a life-limiting condition, and she seems to have endless problems with the level of hospital care whenever her son is hospitalised.

Wishing you and your wife as best as may yet be for her.
Yes, CHC are funding her care, the home manager said both CHC and CQC were notified about the decision the serve the 4 week notice and that they would be getting in touch, although the home only told me on Monday I have not heard anything yet and not made any enquiries and to be honest I have no idea where to start. Due to the complex care my wife needs it is not going to be easy find a new home, especially in 4 weeks over the Christmas & New Year period.
The home provides specilist care for both ABI and Spinal injuries along with general nursing care.