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local authority assesment

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Hi; all. Ive been looking after my mother for over 5 years now. When my mother was released from hospital in 2011 she was assessed for her needs, and our home was also assessed after a few modifications to our home, my mother was finally released to my care, and has remained since, we had cordial, physio therapist, occupational therapist etc for about 9 weeks before they agreed they had no need to be there, and that I was capable of handling all my mothers needs including personal care, about a month ago I had a run in with a neighbour who is a close friend of our housing officer, and now I had the housing saying they received an anonymous complaint saying I had moved from my home, , I agreed for the housing officer to come to my home, where I could see quite clearly we had not moved out, but the thing is he brought a social worker with him, my mother was at her club when they came, but I was asked a lot of question by her, a lot regarding my mothers care, I asked why she was asking all these questions and she said she had also received a complaint, and was there to re-assess my mother,,, as U can imagine I'm outraged at this, its quite clearly the neighbour..... I don't mind the assessment of my mother under any other circumstances, but this seems very odd,, can I refuse this assessment, as I fear it might not be an accurate 1, as the way they have went about it, I'm I just paranoid
I understand how and why you feel so stressed. What I do advise is to cooperate fully with the Local Authority, I.e. accept the assessment.....cos it is the only way to prove that life is actually OK for you two...wotever gossip has gone on behind your back, yeah? refusing to cooperate doesn't seem right to me.

I am just another carer though, not an expert. If you would feel more confident getting expert professional advice, try the Carers Uk helpline who should be able to advise you. There is also AgeUk who may be able to help, assuming your mother is over Fifty five.

Be pleased to hear from you another time, meanwhile sorry you have this on your plate, Very worrying for you. Ps welcome to the forum :) mixed bunch here but we all mean well.
Still thinking about you. Ya know wot, it's a good thing the LA ARE taking an interest.....like you I have no idea of precisely what has been said about you but the LA have a duty to investigate, don't they?
Trying to help, that's all, hate the thought of you being so anxious. I hope to pop in again to see how you are doing. ANd who knows, you and your mother might be offered some help so it could turn out to be a positive thing in the end. You are possibly both entitled to updated care and needs assessments anyway, remember as her carer you are entitled to assessment to.
Hi Joe,
Welcome to the forum.

I'm not surprised you are annoyed and worried.

It sounds as if your neighbour has raised safeguarding concerns, in which case social services are duty bound to investigate. I agree with DR, you are better to co-operate and prove that all is well. To not do so will only raise concern and suspicion. If you do not feel you can trust the social worker, you could request another one. They probably visited together as it was an initial visit and they never know what sort of situation they are entering, particularly if your neighbour has said you had a run in with them.

We had something similar, but it never went that far. My brother was obviously dying, but nevertheless I got him a new recliner and arranged two hospital visits. The care agency then reported to the safeguarding team that I 'everyone else' except them was watching my brother die, neglecting him and refusing to take him to A & E. I was worried about the meeting because although I had nothing to hide and had in fact been doing a lot of things, I was afraid I might get the care agency in hot water and my brother have to be given new careworkers he didn't know. The agency wrote an email full of misinformation without themselves checking up, for instance they said he'd been in bed with bedsores for several days when in fact he had no bedsores but was left in bed for one day so the district nurse could inspect a heat rash on his stomach.

Unfortunately he died before the appointment happened. I do think this is a totally routine process nowadays and there are just masses of procedures to be followed automatically.

In your position I would like to know if the same person complained to both, or if one complaint was passed around, and if it definitely was your neighbour, but I suspect knowing these things isn't going to be possible or to get you anywhere. It's probably all OK, as Melly and DitR say. Maybe you could have a friend there as a witness, or would that look as if you were trying too hard to protect yourself?
Hi Joe
That must be very distressing for you. I agree with above advice, go ahead and have the meeting and explain all you have been doing, you could also mention that you are annoyed that a neighbour or someone else has been stirring things without knowing all the facts.
I think this is another good reason for keeping a care diary. It is hard to remember all the things that you do for someone and you never know when it will be useful to have all the dates , times and conversations and advice you have been following etc at your finger tips.
You can even take advantage of the meeting and say that , while they are there offering support etc, could you ask for such and such- whatever would help you some more. e.g. respite, carer visits from outside agency, equipment, advice, whatever and turn the meeting into something positive
Hi Joe, welcome to the forum. If Social services want to do an assessment of mum's needs, let them go ahead, BUT ask why her needs assessment hadn't been uipdated annually? Ask the to send mum a draft copy so she can check it and sign it, as is her right. You too should have an annual Carers Assessment, to see what help and support they can offer you. Again, they should send you a copy. Assessments should be ddone separately, yours ideally well away from mum so you can be honest. Have they arranged regular time off for you, for example.
If you have any worries about what has been written about you, ;you are entitled to have copies of anything written about you. It's called a Subject Access Request. Is mum claiming Attendance Allowance? Are you claiming Carers Allowance?