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Help with council housing

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hello everyone i am new to this site so if i get it wrong please bear with me. I am a disabled person myself and have also just be registered as serverely visually impaired. I live in London, my problem is that my daughter who is a single mum on her own with a little girl and another one on the way lives in stoke on trent. she has until recently been a huge support to me physically, she has adhd and depression herself and has recently broken her leg quite badly so she is going to be off her feet for some time, doctors think this could leave her with permanent mobility problems, I am trying to get her moved down to be nearer to me. I emotionally support her and when she first broke her leg I went over to stoke to try and help her. we cannot get any help and my trying just made my own health worse i ended up in hospital for two weeks with a very bad chest infection, she was made homeless just before she broke her leg through no fault of her own and we approached the local council here on advice from Shelter, she has local connection here but they refused to help and told me that Shelter did not always give out the correct information, so she went to stoke council as bexley adviced her to do and asked them to refer her again bexley told her to do this, they will not accept the referral though as they said stoke took on the duty. I really do not know what to do i am at my wits end worrying about how to move her back to london so that her dad can help out physically with our daughter and our grandaughter and i can offer much needed emotional support. she cannot afford a deposit to put down on a private rental property and although i wish i was i am not in a position to help her financially either. can someone please help and advice me thanks
I am probably looking at this problem from too simplistic a view.

If your daughter is homeless and came home to stay with you and her Dad, I assume with her and her children you would be overcrowded and your daughter would than be able to put her name down for a council property of her own.

There seems to be no hard and fast rules and every council has their own interperitation of something which should be basic.

If your daughter is on benefits there is help available to relocate and sometimes the deposit can be found for a private rental that way.

Good luck,

Take care
I suggest you try the helpline with this.
Hi Mrs Janet,

nothing to advice as I know nothing about housing and relocating.

Just wanted to say welcome and I hope the advise from Meg and Charles helps.

Thank you everyone we've tried everything apart from don't know where to go for help with relocation she was advised wrongly so she has ended up in the property she is in with no support around her thanks everyone I will ring the advise line tomorrow x
Just a thought - if your daughter has a young child she probably has contact with a health visitor could that be an avenue to try?
I have tried everything i can possibly think of to be honest, even her nurse agrees that there is no holistic approach and it is outrageous, i really do not know where to go from here, private would of course be an option but finding the deposit is difficult, I am going to speak to the help line see what they suggest, it is driving me to despair, to be honest, yesterday she ran out of gas by the time she had to pay for her taxi there and back she could only afford to put 5.00 on her meter i just dont understand why we cannot get any help from anywhere,

thanks to everyone for your support

take care and please keep suggesstions coming, thanks xx