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Leaking Sheaths ie. faulty equipment warning - Carers UK Forum

Leaking Sheaths ie. faulty equipment warning

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There was a small article in SIA mag recently about leaking sheaths, implying that they hadn't been put on properly or had been put on whilst 'bits' weren't fully dry after bathing. Well, we went on holiday to the other side of the country, with (un-beknown to us) an entire box of non-sticky sheaths. A bad batch from the factory obviously. Went on fine in the mornings, no different from usual, only to find halfway through the day that they were falling off. It's impossible to change a sheath whilst someone is sitting in a wheelchair with trousers on! This happened to us in the middle of a rather large RAF museum. Result, had to 'trundle' our way back to the carpark to get back to our holiday accomodation to get hubby cleaned and dry ... dripping hubby, soaked trousers, dripping wheelchair - and me with only a pocketful of tissues. Nobody asked if we were okay, of course. Therefore, through no fault of our own, we had a ruined holiday, because from then on, we only ventured a little way away from our base, in case it happened again. The entire box was the same, the medical adhesive didn't have it's usual degree of 'stickiness' on the inside of the sheaths, although everything looked and felt fine. So, be careful, equipment and caree paraphanalia on repeat prescriptions aren't always the same quality from time to time. It taught us a lesson to be on our lookout. We had a whole boxload of legbags without taps once, but at least we were at home, had plenty of spare boxes, so I took that batch back to the chemist. Whoever wrote that article didn't even think that these accidents may not be the fault of the user, bad manufacturing batches count for a lot. Didn't give it a thought, just blamed the user for not drying the area properly. Bit cross at that actually.
thats a bit naughty hun,,
like your not going to dry the area proper! wot do they think u r doing?

im really sorry to hear about your bad holiday though because of it, and the humialtion your hubby must have felt,, i would have asked if u needed any help or handed u the vast amounts of tissues i always seem to have.
I've had that happen too, whole box full of 'stickies' that weren't Image Image
Myrtle, I thought it was just us. We always think that we're the 'only' ones, don't we? because we don't get the chance most of the time to talk to other carers much about these things. Shows just how good CarersUK really is, putting us in touch with one another, to share stuff. And I sure would've appreciated your tissues Pixie, but to be frank, we were a bit beyond tissue stage!!!! Love and hugs, Fran
i actually have a towle in amys bag just in case she puddles every where, she dont always know she needs a wee until its a bit too late ,, id have let u use that (its always freshly boiled!)
Well guys, I don't understand why these things aren't mentioned in the Carer's Guidebook. Wait a minute ------------ exactly WHERE IS my carer's guidebook??????????? Could I borrow someone's please to have a look. Image