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Latex gloves

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Hi I wonder could anyone help me. I seem to go through loads of latex gloves at the moment, does anyone know the best place to get them? I have been buying them in pound shops but even though they are very cheap the cost is adding up.

One of my mum's carers suggested asking the social worker for them but I hate asking her for anything when I can get things myself.
Tried asking the District Nurses (eek! don't shoot me, just a suggestion, cos that's where we get ours from.)?
We get stuff like that( never had gloves on their own they usually come in a pack with aprons etc) via district nurses they usually get the Dr to do a prescription
I get 200 gloves in a box at a time from our community health centre. I usually tell them the week before I need them, but forgot this time, but the receptionist went and got a box from the store for me while I waited, which was much appreciated.

Just noticed, they are the powder free, non latex variety.........bet the DN`s would have kept them for themselves given the chance!

Take care
Thanks for the replies. I didn't even think of the district nurse.
i get mine from the community health centre as well,also get conti-wipes and aprons from them , get cavalon cream and a skin cleansing spray on prescrition.

Gloves and blue paper roll come from the DN's (put behind the counter till I collect them, after I phone them to ask for more). We buy our own Conti wipes though, they don't supply those, on-line about 5 packs at a time. Company called Needlers.