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It is 2013 - Carers UK Forum

It is 2013

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
We have fridges and freezers and on line shopping. Unheard of not so very very long ago.

Even so, I am interested in Store Cupboard Tips.

Any suggestions please as to what makes you feel safer concerning what food and drink you consider most useful to always have available?
I once lived in the outback of Western Australia, if the rains came we could be marooned with no access to fresh food for a while. This always happened if there was a cyclone, so every October, before the cyclone season, we would stock up. Sounds grim, but there was a certain amount of fun in planning your menus according to what was in the shop! My own Cyclone Store included dry goods like flour, rice, cereal, sugar, semolina/ground rice, dried fruit and nuts, dried yeast. Tinned food included baked beans, sweetcorn, tinned mushrooms (no fresh ones ever available), tinned fruit, and evaporated milk. I also made sure I had plenty of eggs and butter or substitute, and cheese. Power was never a problem - my husband was responsible for maintaining the emergency generators and the main power house was only a couple of miles away. Come to think of it, I always have these in my own reserve stock here, plus tinned or dried soup. If I couldn't go shopping for a week we could still have some food in our stomachs.
Hi Dancedintherain,
All of the above plus loads of dried split peas and lentils, etc, plus a pressure cooker. If you ever had a blackout, you can knock up the most amazingly tasty soups, stews in 20 minutes on a camper stove. I knocked up this dead tasty and filling pea and ham soup yesterday in less than half an hour in ancient pressure cooker; it would have taken 3-4 hours otherwise. Pressure cookers can be a bit scary, but I'm re-learning to love mine again. Oh, and a collection of dried herbs and spices to zapp up food. Fresh are best, but dried are fine for emergency's and in depth of winter.

UHT milk in case the fresh runs out. Tins of things like tomatoes and baked beans. Dried pulses, pasta, rice, ingredients for making bread. I have to admit I'm the sort of gal who likes to always have another one behind i.e. if I take out a tin of beans, I like there to be another one behind it - I don't like running out of things. Especially because with S, impromptu popping out for groceries isn't always feasible.

Why do you ask?

Thanks Image

Melly ..... This is just one part of a complete overhaul of my shopping patterns, kitchen storage .. And do I really need to continue running a huge freezer in the garage as well as as my lil one in the kitchen? And obviously, you can't answer that!!
Blame Sajehar in part on the LeccyGirl thread! Economies!
I always have soup - (packet and tins) and eggs in the cupboard for myself and custard and tinned fruit (to puree) for Mum.

There also seems to be champagne and wine hanging around - maybe that's another thread though........
I keep: 1 - in freezer
Frozen vegetables, 2 or 3 portions of easily cooked meat such as chicken breast and mince, prawns, loaf of bread, 4 plastic containers of ready cooked things like bolognaise sauce or chicken pie filling that I have cooked myself and just need heating up, a couple of ready made pizzas, cheese, apple puree, blackberries
All of these fit easily into a small freezer.

2 - in store cupboard

Tea, coffee, sugar, flour (Im afraid that since hubby has been put on a gluten-free diet I now have a whole box of different flours, but I used to have just plain and self-raising), rice, pasta, dried fruit/nut (for making cakes and gluten/sunflower seed free muesli) GF rolled oats, dried yeast. Tin of peeled tomatoes, kidney beans, pinto beans, chick peas, beans sprouts, coconut milk, couple of tins of soup, peaches, carton of apple juice, UHT milk. Two jars of cook-in sauce/pasta sauce/sweet and sour sauce which I regularly use in my slow cook. Jam and marmalade.

3 - small cupboard

This is used for luxuries, as I am very fond of cooking - but are an added bonus. There are 2 shelves in a 400mm cupboard that contain lots of things like stem ginger, anchovy sauce, baking powder, tomato paste, soy sauce, vanilla essence, tarragon mustard, Tabasco sauce and ground almonds. I also have a range of herbs and spices. As I said - luxuries.

4 - fridge

Perishables such as milk, ham and eggs. I only buy what I will use in the week. I hate throwing out food.

We also seem to have quite a bit of wine....... Image
I've got loads and loads of wine and spirits in my dresser - because people keep giving it to us and we don't drink much apart from the odd glass of cider. M now has cider every night when he's home, because his 16 month nephew has yet to learn the art of sleeping through the night. If M. has a glass of cider he sleeps through even if the nephew doesn't! I also have a few herbs and spices for special recipes, but very often they seem to be out of date before I use them all up. I have a fridge/freezer, and had a tall freezer only. When that died, I didn't replace it until the run up to Christmas. I love home cooking and freeze all sorts of things on trays, ready for the oven. No way were the family going to let me get away without doing this!
I always keep some milk in the freezer for emergencies - it freezes brilliantly, and unlike UHT, tastes just like fresh.
I am trying to be less squirrel like. Failed today. bulk pack loo rolls on special offer. Really didn't need them Image(

No, not making much sense am I. Tut tut.