Landlord wants to sell

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Melly1 wrote:
Sat Apr 20, 2019 5:33 pm
Brian, you have nothing to feel guilty about.

Thanks. I know that it was my previous landlord's fault, but I still said sorry to the poor little thing when I went to collect his body at the vets.
Brian_19011 wrote:
Tue Jan 15, 2019 7:44 am
I'm a 60 year old man caring for my 89 year old mum. She has COPD, severe arthritis and suspected Lyme disease. I've been renting at the present address from a private landlord for 5 years now. He has decided he wants to sell, and we've been given two months notice to leave. Looking at the market in East London, there is very little choice and the rents are astronomical. I've looked at sheltered accommodation, but they are all one bedroom properties and I want to continue to look after her. We are both getting very worried about the situation.

Can the council help in such a short time? I've heard of waiting lists being years long. Would my mum get any priority? Is there any other help for people in my situation?

Any advice would be very appreciated.
Sorry to hear this but get hold of your tenancy agreement and take this with you to citizens advice.

Try to drop in and see someone at your local citizens advice. There website is

Also may be of use looking up some info on their website too under housing ... ice-visit/

Contact AGE UK also

Is not easy not to panic about things but you do have rights that come in to play in situations like these.

Try and find your tenancy agreement and take this with you to citizens advice.

Always keep this safe as is your agreement with landlord. It will also tell you about what your obligations are as a tenant and what the landlords obligations are.

8wks is about right . I live in private rented accommodation and is all our landlord would give us if it came about.

Also contact your local council about your situation. Keep a folder with relevant paperwork in it to do with your situation so you have everything at hand. Try to keep a notebook of times and dates you hear from landlord/phone calls/visits

Donot withold rent otherwise you are breaking your tenancy agreement.

Keep a notes on citizens advice visit/council visit/age uk visit or call so you know where you are upto with different people. Not possible to hold it all in one's head gets overwhelming and information is forgotten/lost.

If you have home computer set up a document or spreadsheet and update it with who/where/when/etc;

The journey ahead is a tough one but there is help available is about accessing it. Good luck!
Brian's problem was unsatisfactory resolved back in April.

The thread will make almost a blueprint for anyone in a similar situation ... especially if receiving an infamous Section
21 notice !

Most of the information is also available in the main HOUSING thread : ... lout-30866

Slightly easier to find in this one ... given the ever increasing length of said main thread.