Landlord wants to sell

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Hobson's choice , Brian.

Nobody in CarerLand is spared the indiginity of swallowing one's pride.

For far too many , there is NO safety net.

( Section 21 procedures ... posted on page 1 of this thread ... direct from the Shelter website. )
There's lots on the Shelter website, I've just looked.
Also, be sure to contact the council's Housing Officer.
Thanks for the replies. I'll contact Shelter tomorrow, although I think I know what they will say ("you're stuffed, go begging to the council"). Yes, there's lots of information on the Shelter site, but it basically just says if you get a section 21 you can't really fight it and it's only a matter of time before they evict you. No mitigating circumstances by the look of it. Good tenants, or bad tenants; old, or young; in good health or very bad. All are the same under Section 21.
Your welcome , Brian.

Let us know how you get on.