She's gone.

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
She just stopped breathing this afternoon.
I can't grieve.
Grieving will come when the shock passes. Don't rush it

I am so sorry but it did sound as if she'been ready to go for a while now. You did a wonderful job through great frustrations. Both of you can rest now

Sorry for your loss, mum is at peace now.
When you've been dealing with so much, it takes a very long time to wind down again to a normal life. The tears will come in their own time. For the next couple of weeks, just concentrate of the formalities, leave everything else until after the service is over. If there is anything we can help you with at this sad time, the "how did you..." feel free to ask.
Your mind has found a 'safe space' to occupy, just for now, while it starts to 'register' inside you.

Take things VERY gently. This is a time like no other has been, or will be, in your life - in a way, death is the 'strangest' thing we experience in our has a logic of its own that we never experience when we are NOT dealing with the death of someone.

Shock is 'protective' in many ways - it insulates us from trauma, so that we can function.

With kindest wishes, at a grievous time.....