Issues with House & paying for care

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
It's entered my mind to burn the place down when the house insurance ends at the end of January. But I'm not that stupid.

I'm left alone with Mum 24/7 while she visits for 45 minutes once a week and continually goes on about her mortgage, which she can't afford, she is paying it at the moment. But again today says she can't afford it for much longer.

Mum has money, so should we talk about giving her some just to ease her off?
Hi Stephen, I am sorry and angry to read of the situation you find yourself in.

The point I'm going to make will not help with the main issue but I can't see anyone else has mentioned it so just another bit of info to help with any potential decisons if you don't already know it.
If the LA were to do a financial assessment on your mum and it was determined she needed residential care, then they could not force a house sale immediately. As your mum is living in the property now they would put a deferred payment agreement on the house so could only force the sale at a future date to recoup the costs of care. This would buy you a bit of time and there may still be some equity left in the house depending on the final care bill.

As above I strongly urge you to determine whether you are tennants or tennants in common as any other decisions you make will be based on this one fact.