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Fantastical devices for disabled people - Carers UK Forum

Fantastical devices for disabled people

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
I've started imagining fantastical devices for disabled people....

My first one was ''Reminder cats''. They're all cat, plus, they remind you of what you need to do today, and what the heck you're supposed to be doing in the room you just wandered into. They can also remind you that you're cooking, when you've wandered off, i.e before smoke fills your flat, and your Careline box places an automatic call (without your permission of course) to Careline, and you get a disembodied voice asking you ''What the h*ll is going on over there X?!'' (ok, those are not quite the words she used. Nevermind...Artistic license....)

Forgotten my other ones. Obviously I really do need a reminder cat .....asap! :lol:

Anyone got more? :P
S has a fantastic device, that is similiar to this: https://goo.gl/images/jh2TEz (sorry but since the last upgrade?! I'm unable to post images unless I change to a different view.) Many of the buttons lead to pages of more buttons and he has a spell page too. It enables him to communicate: he can say what he would like, comment, ask qestions, talk about what he did or is going to do, show photos, listen to music and make himself heard in a noisy environment. We'd be lost without it.

When I was non weight bearing on one hip and using crutches, my Dad rigged a pulley on the stairs so I could send things in and downstairs without carrying them.

But I think you mean, something that is currently a figment of the imagination, for me it would be A Teletubby type screen on S's tummy so that when there was a problem or he was ill etc I could check his screen and diagnosis what was wrong and what was needed. Ultimately, he'd learn to check his own info and then communicate this using his communication device....

I love the idea of a teletubby screen. Brilliant! :P

Yes, I meant ideas for devices that are currently just imaginary. Harry Potter-ish I suppose you could call them.

It's good to post real devices too though. We can all learn a lot from sharing which gadgets have helped us the most :) I do wish the Dynavox thing had existed when my Grandpa was dying from MND in 1981. He would have been able to speak in his last months, instead of being mute.

Although I do have clear memories of him communicating emotions through his eyes. He would stare intently at me when I visited him in hospital (I was 3 then), and....it's hard to explain, but I just felt his love for me shining through. I sent it right back :)
P.S Your Dad rigged a pulley? Oh, that's great! Just the kind of thing my Grandpa would do when he was still able. ;)