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this might be a long shot but my son is 22 and in nappies ,at bedtime he goes to bed but constantly turns around in his bed,because of this his nappy rips has anyone else had this problem or any advice please.at the moment it means i have to get up during the night to change him and his bed.at the moment he wear all in one pads,
Hi Stuart,

All-in-one vests have worked with some of the most wriggly children I have known. They come in adult sizes too. http://www.disabled-clothing.co.uk/disa ... dults.html They aren't cheap, of course.

Your local authority should have so called "incontinence nurses" who would also be able to advise on other options to the pads your son currently uses. There are stretchy netting type pants that hold in place a pad, but I'm not at all sure they'd be any better than what you are using now.

what about putting a pair of swimming shorts over the nappy as they have a mesh inside that act like underpants and because its 2 layers the outer material wouldn't rub on the nappy an damage it. it'd work the same as putting two pairs of socks on when you wear new boots so you don't get blisters. If not then surgical briefs or whatever they are called, they are boxer shorts that are designed to hold day or night pads/ nappies in place and are made out of a strong thin elastic netting similar to womens tights you can get them from disability shops or off the district nurse.
thanks for that will try and get in touch with his incontenence nurse mealwhile will try the swimming trucks
Glad I could help.
Ive just ordered MIL some all in one vests. She has a habit of taking her pull ups off during the night. I will report back with results
just an update for you i manages to get some jogging shorts from sports direct and glad to say they work a treat no matter how many times my son turns over his nappy stays put,something small but makes life so much easier
:) this is good to hear and glad I could give some useful advice. saves a lot of money and a lot of laundry doesn't it :) simple yet effective. Improvise adapt and overcome all the best fella