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Is there such a thing. - Carers UK Forum

Is there such a thing.

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
Hi All,

I wonder if any of you know of some kind of board that you could put on the front of a fridge say to write daily prompt notes to try and help my Mum remember things. I really want to wipe it off each day.I suppose if it could stick on the fridge door rather like fridge magnets do.

I asked a very good site if they did anything like this but they don't at the moment. I thought I would mention it to them, as I brought a good clock with the day,date etc for me, which she was pleased with.

Any ideas or thoughts. Many thanks love Sonia xxx
you should be able to purchase a small white-board from somewhere like Staples or Rymans and then use the heavy duty double sided sticky tabs (available from B&Q, Homebase etc) to fix it to the fridge door - other than that it would be a 'hang it on the wall' job.
Susie, that is exactly what I use, but I stick it up with blu tack Image
how about a couple of strips of sticky back velcro on a blank A4 laminated white sheet of paper, we use this idea in the special school i work in also at home for my son.
we use symbols in the school but in the house i have taken loads of photos and printed them of on the computer and laminated them to make a story page for garry so he knows what is next.

meds, shower, clothes on, breakfast, wait then bus for day care and i get it changed for when he comes home.

have a look at these sites to see if they help they are used a lot in day care and schools


www.sirgaerfyrddin.org thisone is welsh but go into the learning disabilities section and then total communication and they use it with adults similar to how we use it.

hope this can be of help

we put my partners timetable for the carers to fill in on the fridge. A simple A4 laminated card. Each week I wipe it clean with a bit of Jif and we start again. You can get a laminator for a tenner in tesco, including the sheets.
As most frodges are white, possibly yours is too, you could actually just use a DryWipe Marker like a Nobo marker (make sure its DryWipe) you can write like a marker pen and wipt it off like chalk.

A good 'gift' or 'souveneer' shop could sell pretty laminated boards, complete with wipeable pen and either sticky fixers on the back or a metal magnetised strip along the top.
Also, kitchen equipment shops sell them.

Oooh - or try your local market stalls. Usually the ones which sell calendars and cards.

OR - charity websites which include their on-line shops. They sometimes have them.
I know it's a bit late in the day but someone might still find the info useful. You can buy self-adhesive dry-wipe sheets. I bought a load some time ago as my husband who suffers from Parkinson's struggles to remember things. They will stick to virtually any surface and can be removed when not required without damaging the surface. Amazon are currently selling them - search for Dry Erase Peel and Stick. You can also buy a roll on Ebay - search Dry Wipe Adhesive.
Thanks Jenny, I'll check this out.

I use a whiteboard all the time with S, as he understands written communication better than spoken. We literally wear out the surface on white boards and I like to have different sizes - A4 are great in the house, but when out and about I like one which will fit in my pocket.

Welcome to the forum too - I think this was your first post.