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Is there a way to have a bath or a shower? - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Is there a way to have a bath or a shower?

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
Our local St. John's Ambulance bathes elderly people at their local HQ. However, maybe there are other solutions which would be cheaper and easier. I'm wondering if you could have a little ramp made so mum could get in the shower, with carer support - maybe ask Social Services to provide a support worker to help you. If the bathroom is too small to have a ramp fitted because the door opens inwards, a simple solution might be to have the door turned round so it opens outwards, not inwards. (I'm about to do this in my own ensuite, for different reasons).
Mum comes from a generation which wasn't used to having a daily bath/shower. Does she have a "spare" room in her house. Could you get a rubber mat (Like the mats that do in the back of cars with a 1" lip) so mum could sit on a shower seat in the middle whilst you gave her a good wash? Might be easier than struggling in a small bathroom.
When we went away with our steam engine to the Isle of Wight for 10 days, we would take a watering can, Fill it with warm water and then shower each other. Used carefully, one can full can do quite a lot!
I would like to tell you what I do with my 93 year old Mum, who has dementia and mobility issues which make it impossible for her to get into our walk-in shower, which also has a small step of about 6 inches. I recently purchased a childs paddling pool, this is mainly to prevent spillage of water onto the bedroom carpet. I then stand a fold up shower chair into the centre of the pool. I have a large bowl of warm soapy water at the ready, which I stand on a stool and starting at the top of her body proceed to wash her all over with her sponge. I then place a large towel around her top half and put her walking frame in front of her stool to enable her to stand supported, whilst I wash her lower half. She is able to get out of the pool quite easily as it is not necessary to blow it up completely and is therefore easy to press the side down to enable her to walk out using her frame. I make sure her room is very warm before I start as she doesn't like the cold. Sometimes I will wash her top half and dry and dress this area before doing her bottom half. Soak up the water in the pool using her sponge and then hang it to dry in the shower. I must admit that I do not do this daily. It works for us and didn't cost the earth to set up.
I recently came across Abacus Healthcare http://www.abacushealthcare.co.uk/ who helped me a lot. Their products are great (assisted baths in particular). Would highly recommend.
Walk in shower would be the best solution in your case. It's quite pricey and very few people can afford it. You say that you have smth similar but there’s a step. I guess you need a barrier free shower base, consider buying it as well.

Some resources to find out more:
http://homeguides.sfgate.com/construct- ... 02111.html
When my family, including my mother, came to the UK, we also had a problem with an unsuitable bathroom. Mum was an elderly person and the whole bathroom needed renovation. We didn't know the language well, but luckily the company Home Expert Aberdeen helped us with the flat renovation, we were just lucky ones because we lived in the Aberdeen region. If there's someone in the neighborhood, he can use it.
This thread is an old one and Kathryn has not posted about bathing and showering since 2016. I am therefore locking it.