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Is there a limit to number of assesments - Carers UK Forum

Is there a limit to number of assesments

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As I am sure you are all familiar the phrase "we will have to come out and reassess you" generates a great deal of concern my OH currently has help all during the working day which she needs in order to do anything.

Last year we had a financial assesment in April ( which had to be corrected)
A care package assesment in November which resulted in an extra £10 a week since removed by higher tax and reassesment.
In April we had another financial assesment £4 increase.

We recieve direct payments which have been a god send.
My OH trying to give me a treat with the encouragement of her PAs approached the council to see if she could claim extra hours so that I could attend my fathers 90th birthday about 400 miles away staying over night. After huming and haring for weeks the social worker said "the best thing is if you take it out of your Direct Payments" which is all we wanted to do anyway. She also said "If I have to come out to see you I will have to reasses you and that will reduce your hours as you are on the maximum already" Yes I know a common threat.

Literally three days later we were told that as my wife needed new slings (after 7 years) for her hoist the same social worker plus OT who was handling the replacement slings and her supervisor wanted to come to carry out a reassesment!!!!!!!!!!!!

It really is nerve wracking there must surley be a limit on this. I now have to take the time off work to even the odds and point out the bits OH does not want to when we seem to be faced with a situation where the end result will be a reduction anyway.

Any advice would be more than welcome.
Hi Tony,
All I know is that last year during intense visits from social services and OT's etc I had to invite a carers advocate to come and sit in meetings with me. I needed someone there who would represent our side of things, who knew our rights against anything that might be said or suggested by social services.

If you type carers advocate and your location into google it should bring up where you can get this help. It is free so that's another good thing about it.

Scruffy x
Since there are no limits on how many assessments we can request, I guess logical thought would say that there are no limit to how many they can provide (requested or not). However, what is happening in your case does seem rather excessive to the point where a neutral party might be a good idea for you.

To that end, I have to echo what Scruffy says and point you towards the advice line if you are still stuck with them harassing you.