Inspiring those who are struggling.

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
So , my assumption was right ... an outsider looking in ... a paid care worker as opposed to a family carer.

Your intentions may be honourable but ... would hardly cut any ice with us , family carers.

We have more problems with simply surviving than you can ever imagine.

Before you leave , have a read of our Lord Kitch : ... roof-27982

Then ask yourself just one question.

Would I choose to be a care worker under those terms and conditions ?

6 million + of us do and , in our world , CarerLand , we ARE the professionals !

Have a safe journey.
Err yes I do look after my arthritic and Alzheimer / Delusional Mum and am often kept awake half the night by her. Obviously I'm not paid for this.

During the day while Dad (who is stone deaf and recovering from cancer) looks after Mum, I go out and earn a living as a support worker.

So, as I said, I am "one of you" in terms of dealing with things at night and days off and "an outsider" in terms of having a paid job.

But I DO know what it's like to face real challenges and for those are in the same or harder boat, I'd like to give my heartfelt sympathy and support to you all and to summarise it all in one word .... RESPECT.
Chris, Andrew did say several posts ago that he looked after his mum with Alzheimer's!

And he isn't the only forum member who is both an 'amateur' (ie, family) carer for an elderly parent AND does paid professional care-worker work too!
Agreed ... my judgement was based on the ideas to improve things ... no perception of what is needed in CarerLand , nor the conditions under which we are caring.

The outsider looking in element ... always tends to grab my attention ... as if we haven't had enough of outsiders trying to teach us to suck eggs / drink their brand of snake oil ... in their view , it will improve things ... as if ?

The care element aspect on residential care homes seemed narrow , reflecting a mere portion of the whole picture.

Even by changing that , nothing would improve beyond a few cosmetic changes.

Professional / amateur ? If a person is considered " Good " as his / her job , fine ... that's all one needs to know ... why further qualify ?