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Incontinence Pads

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Hi everyone. My mother has just come out of hospital after having a very bad urinary infection. Unfortunately she is now double incontinent. I'm hoping that this is only temporary (though I doubt it). Does anyone know where I can get those pads they used in the hospital. They were a bit like a sumo nappy thing. She can't lift up or stand long enough for me to pull up a usual pad. But with the ones in hospital you can push them under her easily and they just velcro on at the front. Can't find them anywhere. I'm in the Stoke on trent area. Know anywhere I can send of for them? Thank you. Image
Hi Midge

have a look here

http://www.incontinencechoice.co.uk/?gc ... 4QoduSlRwg

I think the ones you refer to are known as 'all in one'. I googled "incontinence pads female" and got a lot of hits - the one above was the first link.

But do have a word with your Mum's GP about contacting the Incontinence Nurse as you should be able to get them supplied via the NHS.
http://www.betterlifehealthcare.com/pro ... &subID=186
You could also try here.

Do try to get them through the NHS as they are very expensive, but you will need something 'in the meantime' as referals do take time!
Contact your local district nurse, gp or better still the local Incontinence Service at your hospital. They will actually come out to visit and assess and give further advice and put you in touch with other services such as dieticians, Speech and Language Therapists (SALT) Newbie
Yes as others have said contact your GP's surgery, and your district nurse should visit and assess, mind you we have now been waiting 4 wks, so have been buying the pads, they are quite expensive.
You'll probably need bed pads for the bed too. We use 'Kylie' sheets 60cm x 60cm, which the incontinence service post to us 3 months' supply at a time. Ask your DN's (if you have them) and they should organise this for you.
Google Tena pads. All in one pads/pants. Various sizes
My mother is starting to develop incontinence in hospital. She is on strong IV antibiotics (for her pneumonia) and diarrhoea is a side effect of this. I assume she will still be on antibiotics should she be discharged, i.e. tablets (this has been indicated). I would like to know how others deal with incontinence, i.e is it manageable, how, equipment etc.

I have read this thread re. the pads being free via NHS...the wait is worrying though. Will I be reimbursed if I have to buy them myself during the wait? Are there special sheets or just bed pads? Extra help care with this would seem not to be practical, i.e. who can predict when she will soil her pads?

I am not sure I will be able to cope with this on her hospital discharge so I need to better understand what I am up against from others here. She is experiencing difficulty getting out of bed (due to pain from pneumonia). Is it a one person job to change the pad? She seems quite heavy to me, i.e. I can't lift her off the floor easily (when I had to - have since discovered paramedics will help with that). Perhaps this is for the hospital to assess so apologies if it doesn't lend itself to an answer here.

This is very worrying to me since, prior to her fall (whereby she contracted pneumonia), her excruciating gout was misdiagnosed and prescribed antibiotics for it (had to take the whole damn course). This led to uncontrollable, sudden bouts of diarrhoea which caused me so much stress to clear up, i.e. the carpet and her continuously soiled nighties. She now has a commode in her bedroom.

Any knowledge on this matter would be beneficial to me. She is not due to be discharged for about a week or so (if at all...she is very poorly). I know my rights re. hospital discharge so now I need to assess if I can manage the incontinence condition.

Try Tena Flex pants http://www.tena.co.uk/looking-after-lov ... flex-plus/
My Mum can't stand and I push these under her and pull up the front. They come in various absorbencies and sizes. A bit pricey but you can get then VAT-free off the Tena site.
This is a nasty subject and something the 'professionals' are little help with. When my father first started I got a visit from the impressively named 'Incontinence Team' who simply provided me with a booklet detailing what I could buy. After much searching I found a fairly good site called http://www.incontinenceshop.com/ from whom I buy Vlesi Pants VAT free, these are pull up incontinence pants and are far easier to use if you are caring for someone who is uncooperative.

I have a commode, a hospital style bed (that I can raise and lower) and a wet room. The wet room has proved invaluable as I can wheel my father in there and clean him up whilst he is sitting on his commode. If you don't have a wet room then you need to contact your social worker and ask for help in getting one.

Once I've cleaned my father up, I put a pair of pull ups on his legs as high as they'll go then nip him into the bedroom and onto his bed. Incidently I use a pampers bedmat on the bed to stop the sheets being soiled, both at night and during changing. Once my father is on the bed I roll him from side to side pulling the pad up. With practice this whole process can be carried out in around 5 minutes. I then dress him as far as needed on the bed.

As for UTIs, my father suffered with repeated UTIs until I discovered that using Drapoline as a barrier cream prevents faecal and urinary contamination. I smear it onto his genitals after his morning shower and it seems to prevent infections; he's been UTI free for eight months now.

I use a VAX to clean up any accidents and have carpet squares in his bedroom so that I can replace sections if they become too badly soiled. This is a horrible transition to make but one that is manageable providing you get the right setup and advice.

Hope this information helps someone,