Ideas for opening & closing doors when using a walking f

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My mother is in rehab and learning to use a walking frame, reviously used a tri-walker. At the moment the nurses open & close the door to the toilet. Mother asked the physio how she should manouver opening & closeing doors, to which she got a blank expression, then said she should leave all nessary doors open all the time! Mother poined how drafty this would be, but again got a vacant look. Apart from the obvious, what is going to happen when mother goes to the toilet?? Mother lives with me & my family, husband and adult son. My son has friends round, I needn't say more.
Has anyone got any practical advice on opening & closing doors whilst using a frame? By the way the toilet has no room to stand to the side of the door because of the shower unit.
Any advice would be most welcome.
Hi Kitty

When my Mum had her walking frame it was impossible for her to take it into the toilet at all (she has a separate, very small loo), so had to leave it outside the toilet and use the wall/towel rail as support. Luckily she's back to using just her walking stick, so the problem has rather gone away now.

For a 'normal' size room (i.e. bedroom/ living room) the idea is to take the frame right up to the door, lean over the frame and open the door, then walk through with the frame. Then either turn around with the frame, lean over and pull the door shut or after havng walked through the doorway reach round behind and pull the door shut. Hope that makes sense !