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I need protection! - Carers UK Forum

I need protection!

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Hi all

As some of you may know, my daughter is autistic. Latley she has taken to physically taking her frustrations out on me and her mum, biting, scratching, hair pulling etc. Does anyone know where i can source some wrist protectors?, something like shin pads, preferably kevlar!

Cheers all

oh dear - that doesn't sound very good for either of you!
What about trying Toy R Us? They might offer something that would protect you. ...Failing that, what about a suit of armour Image
Depending on what you want, some good sport shops do protectors for wrists for various sports like skiing, snow boarding and motor racing.

If you try google and type in wrist protection you will see many options.

Hope of some use

you can get protection that fits right up to your shoulders they are made with a material that is similar to a divers suit sort of foam filled can be worn under sleeves, we have them in the special school i work in for the same reason as you need them dont know where we got them but i will try and remember to ask tommorrow and will let you know. try the autistic society web site they may have a link on there for them.


or sports shops

most poundlands do wrist supports that are kevla type material and they r ok, ive worn then on a motorbike and been thrown off, (own fault) and as its yer hands u put out first i didnt break anything

It might sound odd but there is a motorbike range of body armour that fits under looser clothing (knock is the brand name) but dinasie also do a few sets and u can normally pick them up on ebay quite cheap. AND coldkillers do an all in one set that has armour in the right places and it can fit under all clothing, they do it as a seperate top and trouser set as well.

Argos also do writst and elbow supports, and i think my mum gets some off of ideal world or something, i will have to ask her where she gets hers from as its quite long
i am seeing my friend at the weekend and she can do me motorbike gear at trade so i will ask her wot she recommends , that can go under clothes, comfy and obviously not tooo hard as u dont want your daughter hurting herself as much a s u dont want her to hurt u and i will ask her about sizing as sometimes they can be a bit odd . always worth a shot and i always make her a cuppa in our camper so she shouldnt mind