well i dont, its such a pants problem, my right hand is so chapped its splitting,, ive used amys diprobase , oilatum cream and vasaline cream and everyhting stings.. can any one recommend anything else?
my skin split doing amys physio , so i slapped her oilatum cream on and then proceeded to jump around her room swearing like u do when u've stubbed your lil toe (much to her amuzement)
is there anything cheap i can get to slap on it? never had this problem b4 and my mum said-- use amys stuff (didnt say i had and used language a squaddy would be proud of)
like i said i really dont want to go to the dr for something so silly but its actually incredibly sore (and ive been wearing marrigolds to wash up to try to stop it getting worse

feel a bit of a prat with it , its possibly the most stooooopid problem ive ever asked for help on