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I am being bullied at a care home - Page 6 - Carers UK Forum

I am being bullied at a care home

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
This thread has become rather long and spans several months.

Undermyduvet now is in another care home (I think) but ultimately wants more-suitable accommodation, ideally a bungalow with carers visiting.
Yeah..I am somewhere else temporarily but no i'm not in another care home.There's absolutely no way I would have allowed that to happen.

TBH I think it is important as many people as possible read this thread so there's more awareness of what really goes on in care homes.I don't think it matters if new people are coming across it.

Anyone that does find this thread just to let you know my situation has changed now and am no longer living at the care home.
Checking in, I hope you are well in these uncertain times for all of us.

Its good they have at least moved you even if temporarily, consider this their acknowledgement that actually, they have a duty of care to you as well, not just your abusive neighbour and have failed in this regard till this point.

I know none of us can understand fully what it is like to be in your position without having been in care ourselves, so I won't dare patronise you with that, but I will say, I personally have family members in different elements of the care profession as well as one living in care

Please do not allow the horrible time you have had and way you have been treated shape your opinion of the whole system because there are good venues out there.. and there are some good people out there as well who will go the extra mile.

Its easy to get in a position where we overlook the nice things others are capable of and focus on the one village idiot if you know what I mean. But I do get what you are saying that places do exist where the neglect is occurring on an institutional level.

On a side note, I am just throwing this out there, as your computer skills seem quite adept, have you ever given thought to blogging? Even if it were an anonymous Wordpress one describing the challenges your health presents (you dont have to go into the care home stuff) just as a creative outlet (or to rant)

Just to let you know you have not been forgotten :)

Best wishes and take care