Hello Dawn,

Having dealt with similar challenges thought I'd throw this out there.
Assuming your going by the 2 litre guidelines.
Strictly speaking you have to consider that we take some moisture from our food as well, for example aside from the obvious ones (like soup) many fruit and vegetables are 80% water.
So while your father may not be getting the full amount he'll be getting enough to just stay out of danger if hes at least trying to eat some foods as well

I mean we can't force these things after all when you drink and your system genuinely doesn't want more, you encourage it to come straight back up (or worse yet the other end possibly even)

Best wishes
Dawn_1505 wrote:
Mon Feb 27, 2017 10:42 pm
I struggle to get my father to drink enough. I give him drinks he likes but short of nagging I can't get him to drink much. He usually drinks 3or 4 glasses a day instead of the recommended 8. He is frail and elderly (90yrs old). He drinks fruit juice or coffee. He sleeps in a chair most of the day and sleeps in a bed at night.