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Call bell in Mum's room - Carers UK Forum

Call bell in Mum's room

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Hi ! I would appreciate some advice please. My Mum has vascular dementia and has great trouble settling at night. She shuffles out of bed and is generally unsettled and sometimes agitated. A recent risk assessment was carried out and she now has her bed lowered with crash mats surrounding the bed on the floor to help prevent her from having a bad fall. There was also concern that my Mum might get tangled up in the cord of her call bell, the sort that is plugged into the wall, as she thrashes around. My Dad was approached by my Mum's dedicated nurse and asked if it would be ok for her call bell to be removed. My Dad was very concerned that Mum might strangle herself so gave consent for it to be removed and for a note to be placed about this in her notes.
At first when Dad told me about this I thought it was sensible so that Mum didn't cause herself any damage. Since then I've thought about it and just wondered if this is a good practice and is there an alternative to the usual call bell on a cord connected to the wall?
I would appreciate any advice on the ethics of this or in fact if there's any legal situation if Mum is deprived of her call bell.
Thank you!
I think I have seen a call button which is strapped to the wrist like a wrist watch.

I will ask someone tomorrow.
I suggest a 'baby' monitor or a wireless doorbell.
Thank you Colin and Elaine for your prompt replies. Great ideas. I'll check in again tomorrow Colin to see if you have more info.
Hi Catherine
Dad is on an acute ward for elderly people many with dementia and they don't have the usual button press bell on a chord, but instead they have what is best described as aplastic/ rubber hand bell on their tables. It is the same shape as a traditional school bell rung in the playground but is small with what looks like a plastic clapper- probably so it doesn't drive the staff potty!
Thanks Henrietta
That's really useful information. I plan to talk to the staff in the nursing home today so maybe we can get one of those rubber bells!!