How to make a complaint to Social Care.

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In this day & age, more and more carers are being refused proper help for their loved ones by Social Care & allocated Social Workers who are responsible for making adequate provision for all those who need it. Often deliberate cuts are made in order to save money...and a lengthy complaint procedure is in place which adds to the delay in delivering adequate services. We all know Council budgets have been cut as it's in the News regularly...The latest cuts are a good excuse to cut services already cut and not to give people what they need...but that's always been the case as long as I've known it!

I call it a cop out...
It's something Social Care and other dept's do might I add do, so they can save money from people needing their services.Unfairly.
Rarely do you find you will get a service back at a later date that they SHOULD HAVE provided at an earlier date. Even if you complain or even if a case is upheld at the highest level!

Never let this situation deter from making a complaint though.
Always think of making a complaint sooner rather than later.Do it today if you need too. You can do it on-line for most areas in the Country. Keep your complaint to the point without throwing into many emotions...They do not care what you have personally been through no matter what it is or what it's done to you personally...The person you care for is simply known as a 'service user'...
You must remember that!!

Always keep a complaint to the point with just enough information to cover it!
That way it'll be more difficult for a dept to misinterpret a complaint...or wriggle out of the main core of a complaint...(They are fond of doing it) and some do it for a living...

Below is an example of my on-line complaint...On this occasion, I have had to make several complaints in one.

Subject of complaint
No respite. No carers assessment grant. No support.

Complaint Details

I would like to make a complaint regarding (allocated social worker for my son) and her manager.
In Feb 2014 my complaint was upheld by the Ombudsman. Respite was agreed to be within my son's package of support and direct payment funding for respite to be included (117 aftercare)
(Allocated social worker for my son) and other previous allocated worker plus the manager of the team failed to check or ensure respite was in fact within the support package.

(Allocated social worker for my son) then delayed any direct payment until the end of June 2016 only allocating 42 x 15hrs a year for respite. (Allocated social worker for my son) attempted to further delay any direct payments by insisting 'Just Checking' was installed in my home and refused to allocate original 60 nights respite allocation and forced 42 x 15hrs instead.

Separately (allocated social worker for my son) has failed to provide an allocated gym pass or holiday which she recommended I needed as a carer after completing a carers assessment in 2016.(Allocated social worker for my son) also delayed a correct outcome to an earlier carers assessment forcing me to have to request another assessment.

(Allocated social worker for my son) has failed to make allocated visits to see my son throughout the whole 2 and a half yrs she's been allocated.

She (allocated social worker for my son) has also failed to assist him when responsible for 117 package of support for my son especially during the 4 weeks (for certain shifts) of failure of care agency (NAME) to provide trained suitable care workers & in accordance to the agreed risk assessments completed and copied to her by Health Team and via 117/CPA meetings she attended.
Have they offered you an opportunity to meet either the social worker or the. Team Leader
If they haven't done what the Ombudsman said, I think you can go back to him.
Colin_1705 wrote:Have they offered you an opportunity to meet either the social worker or the. Team Leader
Hiya Colin, No they totally ignored me and deallocated my son a social worker too. Team Leader is just as bad ignores and continues to ignore but I am dealing with these people it's just a very slow process right now.
bowlingbun wrote:If they haven't done what the Ombudsman said, I think you can go back to him.
Hiya Bowlingbun, I've gone back to the Ombudsman who has taken on the part of respite. The rest of this one is at stage two of complaint procedures and has been for at least 6 months. I had notice today as it happens from the Ombudsman that the Council have finally responded and she will make a decision by end of next week. Today I have tried to get legal aid to deal with a few serious matters in my own right they have caused since to be told I don't qualify so things like refusal to allow funding to replace me when I go on holiday Sept this year continues to be ignored and my rights as a carer such as my carers assessment being done where I was allocated a carers grant for a holiday but they knew this grant was in the pipeline to be axed is a problem. Plus they are not allowing me to decide how many hours I care either even though I have put it in writing to them. I have complained again and there are breaches in time schedules serious ones. The good thing is I have managed to 'maybe' get legal aid in my sons own right so hopefully, they won't come back and say because he 'so-called' doesn't have capacity he can't take his case forward. The good news is I have phoned them today and after being given 10 different wrong numbers I have finally got an agreement that they will allocate a social worker to sort matters out. Whether they will or not are two different things. They are probably aware of the Ombudsman decision before I am and the fact as soon as the first one is sorted out that I will be taking the rest to the Ombudsman.
Today I told the duty worker who was being difficult that firstly I'm not contracted to care by LA for more than I wish to do which is 35 hrs a week(and they've had this in writing 4 months ago) and while I'm being ignored and forced to care 115 hrs a week, 15 hrs through the night up until 1 pm each and every day that I will be taking this up with the ombudsman as they have reassessed my sons direct payments to remain the same and have not come out and assessed his needs of 24/7 care increasing the direct payments to replace me. This has come about as they think it's okay to force me to do unpaid intense night care and not consider it an exceptional case to pay a proper wage for this long term care. I refuse to be made a muppet of and remain an unpaid carer left on carers allowance which is not designed for long-term care anyway and forced to do 115 hrs care. One way or another they will be paying someone the going rate to fill in the hours they are forcing on me right now.
Hi Charm, we seem to be going down similar roads. Can I ask how long you think you will be able to care for your son? When do you think he will leave home? I just can't care for M full time any more.
bowlingbun wrote:Hi Charm, we seem to be going down similar roads. Can I ask how long you think you will be able to care for your son? When do you think he will leave home? I just can't care for M full time any more.
Hiya Bowlingbun, I have cared for my son all my adult life. I have his care nice & stable and I have worked very hard to ensure that. Myself, I am being taken for a proper idiot by the services who are using my income as a tool to make snide comments and very disrespectful comments and they have taken to 'doing as they please' regardless. The last straw of many came when they left me to arrange a 9 hr a day package of support without any assistance with not enough money in the kitty to make choices. The package hasn't increased since 2007 and is only at 9 pound an hour. Specialist agencies are 17 pound an hr. So they forced on me finding care for 9 pounds. This care has been forced under 117 aftercare. When they told me to pay the extra 7 pounds an hr x 126 hrs a week for a specialist care agency this is the point where I blew my top. My son does not have to fund his care as it's 117 aftercare and nor do I either but they ignored that in order to force me to become an employer as well as an unpaid carer. As soon as that happened I became responsible against my wishes to conduct a package of support for 3 carers. They shoved the pathetic amount for respite in the package to add to it. Every 4 weeks I have to fill in timesheets by hand for 3 carers and get them in for all to be paid. Then comes the wage slips. Letters carers need from me to provide information on demand of other depts are expected instantly by the paid carer and I have to write calculating all sorts of things and worst of all it's shoved right in my face how much in wages they pick up for caring for my son while I sit here like a muppet getting 61.70 carers allowance. Then it struck me that in all this I am caring 15 hrs all through the night and I'm not getting any choices in life and been expected of by the services constantly,also spoken down to like an underdog and denied proper help in my own right as a carer and it is long term situation and has been like this all my life. I don't think anyone would be happy living their life like this. In exceptional circumstance, they can allocate the use of direct payments to pay someone living with the person. They are choosing not to calculate 15 hrs care to my son who requires 24/7 care. They think they can restrict me and not allow someone to replace me if I take a holiday once in 10 yrs for 10 days and ignore the fact replacement care is needed. They decided to act like they have detaining my son in 2006 for 17 months and force a 117 afterwards and they thought they could cut the costs forever by using me forever.
My son is remaining at home as that's where he wishes to be but it's not remaining at my cost in life and restrictions so looks like as they wish to continue with an 117 that if they aren't going to make an exception out of pure spite they will have no choice but to pay someone anyway.