How to get out Splinters

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Most of you probably manage to get them out yourselves, but after mowing the gardens yesturday I was nailing some wood to the shed and managed to get a deep splinter, couldn't get it out so I did this and it worked!

INSTRUCTIONS: Just rub some castor oil onto the area where the splinter is, cover it with a band aid and go to bed.

Because castor oil has drawing properties, when you take the band aid off the next morning the splinter will have risen to the surface of the skin and it will either just come right out or if it was a bit deeper you might need the tweezers.
i found witch hazel is good for that as well,, same thing slap it on,, cover it up and then sooooo much easier!

might invest in castor oil though as teenagers use the bottle of witch hazel for their spots!
Thanks for the tip Maryann - I have to say tweezers are an amazing tool when it comes to splinters - ouch! Failing that I think the nurse at the GP's surgery would be able to get the splinter out - couldn't possibly bear the pain....
dont do DR or nurses,, they hurt! lol

do me self and treat myself to something choloate and biccy type!!