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How to find part-time assistant - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

How to find part-time assistant

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
Hi, I have you tried PA pool?

Hi there, You may use some more classified websites to post your job so that you can get the best response.

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You can post the job in the job centre also. For those looking for a job in care. Don't dismiss this as some of the best 'natural' and able carers are looking for work at any one time:)
bowlingbun wrote:Thanks for the information.

Having supported four elderly parents with a variety of health issues, and with an adult son who has severe learning difficulties, I know only too well that many "carers" are not worthy of the title!

In view of your mum's very high health needs, I think you should be advertising for a female nurse with formal nursing qualifications, due to mum's health issues.

Perhaps if you took your rest during school hours, there might be a qualified nurse with young children who would love the chance to earn extra money?
14 August 2017
Thanks, bowlingbun for your kindness in making suggestions.
I am an advanced practice nurse, and former uni nurse educator, so I am very comfortable with training the carers. B) Finding a nurse professional doing this as a career is even more of dicey proposition, simply because they require much higher compensation. I would too.
all the Best! :)
Yes, that's the dilemma everyone is in. They want the best possible care for the lowest possible price, rightly so, I'm not criticising that.
However IF there is a qualified nurse in the area who cannot work a full shift, but has SOME free hours, this might be a very attractive proposition.