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Caree and hot tap getting stuck ON! - Carers UK Forum

Caree and hot tap getting stuck ON!

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Hi, last week S turned the bath hot tap on SO hard that it stuck.

He did this once before and either him turning it on so hard or me struggling to turn it off, caused the pipe to crack and a slow leak which caused water to drip through the ceiling below ...

This time I was wary and held the base of the tap to stop it moving whilst I struggled and managed to turn it off.

I explained about turning it on gently. We practised. We watched a YouTube video of what the implications could be etc...however unless I'm there when he turns the tap on or turn it on myself, he is now turning it on too hard so that it sticks EVERYTIME!

This evening was the worst so far and I really thought I'd have to turn the water off at the stopcock until we could get a plumber. I got very cross this time, but I don't think he really gets what he has. done wrong.

Any suggestions apart from change the taps to lever taps? (Which is apparently real fiddle and faff to do under a bath.)

Yours in exasperation!

I think you will probably have to go down the fiddle and faff route. There are so many types of tap out there now, I think the biggest challenge will be finding a competant plumber who can advise and fit something simple and easy to use.
Yep, it sounds like insides are getting worn. Bite bullet and have them changed.

Oh and can you please send S down here to open a jam jar for me? :D
Melly it may very well just be that the washer has worn out and needs replacing rather than needing a whole new tap ! So agree first call is a competent plumber !
thanks for replies.

They are relatively new taps, as I got them replaced when we had the cracked pipe incident. I think it's more a case of operator error than faulty washer/taps.

I also discussed it with the school caretaker and he reckons it could be possible to take the top off the taps and replace it with levers. We have a reliable chap who does light plumbing, we know him through Special Olympics, I shall ring him on Monday.

Mrs A, strangely he hasn't yet learnt to apply this new found "skill," to stubborn jar lids - he glands them to me to do.