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Waterless Shampoos and Soaps - Carers UK Forum

Waterless Shampoos and Soaps

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.

Has anyone tried the NoRinse Waterless shampoos, bathing wipes and soaps from norinse.co.uk?

Are they any good, do they work?

kind regards

Hadn't heard of them, but sound like they could be very useful.......thanks Image
i have used a powder shampoo.
it works ok. you have to spray it on and comb it throw dries up greese but clags and itchie.
need to wash with water in few days.
Hello Ellen

Welcome to the forum! Glad to have you onboard

Thats sounds good, I like Myrtle have never heard of it, would do you buy it from?

Take care
Maryann x
Ive found a good old pack of babywipes to be good!

had a look for review and couldnt find any but sounds good!
Hi, we use a soap free skin cleansing foam and it's brilliant for quick and easy cleanups particularly during the night!

We buy it online from medisave as it's a hospital product and our chemist & GP couldn't get it.
It works out a whole lot cheaper that way anyway! (£3.50 for 400mls) Image

It's made by varnacare and called senset skin cleansing foam and it does a brilliant job with no fuss and totally smells fantastic. Image

marie x
waiting for DLA payday now to try some! if it smells good then im up for trying it!
Hi All,

I tried the their waterless shampoo cap and bathing wipes and I have to say, they work amazingly well - and you can microwave them so they are nice and warm.

Thoought I would let you know


Thanks for this link!

The hand gel is a brilliant price with the refill bottle and hand gel is part of my essential equipment in this situation=www.pegfed.co.uk !

Thanks again!

Thanks for the link Chris and welcome to the site!

Great site! I shall read more later when I get a chance as my Mum is pegfed!

Take care
Maryann x