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Housing help

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hi I'm currently on the transfer list of my local council as my son has a range of struggles ( ADHD combined, hypermobility, Dyspraxia, sensory processing disorder, autism spectrum learns no disabilitys and bowel problems)
we are currently in a 2 bed first floor flat which has been proven is worsening his conditions . He also has a sleep disorder and I myself have my own health problems ATM which can be very difficult , his father is brilliant helps particuly with the night as he is generally up himself at night due to a perforated bowel causing hernias and gallstones .
He was living across the road up until October,He is now homeless himself and I have added him to join my household as I care for him as well but only receive Carers allowance for one person which is obviously my son,
his father has learning disabilities Too so it makes sense for him to live with me instead of both going back and forth. My sons Father has no family except my son so relies on me for a lot.
My son receives DLA care and mobility and his father is on PIP if this helps
I'm just wondering how do u go about being eligible for him to join household and has anybody else added an adult to there households for similar reasons as I've stated to the council we haven't been together for years he has had multiple private tenancys in the past which they know about, I understand there is a reduction in h/b per adult which I'm totally fine with just want to be able to bid on 3 rather then 2 so if anyone can help it will be appreciated.
I've been bidding medical priorty for over 9 months so far no luck but circumstances have changed
Thanks xx
Corrina, welcome to the forum. Can I ask how old is your son? When did he last have a Needs Assesssment and Occupational Therapy Assessment from Social Services? This might help you get greater priority for you housing problems.
Hello Corinna

Personally I can't help with your question - but I would suggest that you contact either the Carers UK Adviceline (our resident experts on benefits and all caring related matters) - you can find their contact details via the red 'Help & Advice' tab at the top of the page or contact Shelter who specialise in housing advice.