House rules?

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I think you may be right, Olivia. Sometimes it's not about changing the person or their habits but changing the way we deal with it - and sometimes that means learning to accept it.
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I'm new to the forum and thank goodness my father is not the only squirreler..!!!

Just a thought.. I found that dad and I were locking horns over some house hold stuff-It was getting really habitual... so on his next good day, I sat down and told him - calmly and with the odd joke - how disruptive his behavour was. Then, as you do with naughty children, I ignored the bad and gave lots of attention and chat etc when he wasn't being disruptive. The shorn term memory thing is a problem, but even if it only helps a bit and it helps me deal with his disruptive behaviour by not getting flustered myself. If dad wakes at night and starts to create, then he gets put back to bed in silence and then reasured that I will get him up in the morning and that is it.

I'm looking into supplements as dad has a very disturbed sleep and although we've tried Nytol, Calms etc I'm going to speak to my GP about a very low dose of Melatonin to help reset his body clock.

It's not easy - vent vent vent.. Image