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hospital visiting hours

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I just wanted to let other carers know that Barnet and Chase Farm Trust have recently introduced a patient carer badge scheme which allows carers the opportunity to stay or visit their carees out of official visiting hours.

The system is facilitated by Barnet PALS who issue the badges, but it is the ward staff who decide whether to allow a carer out of hours access in the first place.

I had found out from another carer about a similar scheme run by Kettering General Hospital and then brought the idea to the Trust's attention when I expressed my concerns about being able to stay with my mum should she need to go to hospital. After some discussions, they thankfully implemented the scheme. It didn't take long to implement because Kettering had done all the ground work and could show that it worked and was beneficial, especially in cases of learning disability, dementia etc.

However, a carer who has a badge will not be expected to take over the care of their caree in hospital and the nurses are expected to fulful their duties without expecting the carer to do everything themselves. The Trust are also finalising a Carers' Policy to highlight the needs of the carer.

I won't go into the politics of current healthcare provision but I personally feel that the badge scheme is a good idea. No one is expected to stay with their caree if they don't want to but the option is there and it puts my mind at ease a little.

It would be good if other Trusts followed suit so if anyone here has the time and is interested in contacting their Trust, I would suggest first trying their Trust's PALS office. Barnet PALS can be contacted for details of their scheme via Email: bcf-tr.barnetpals@nhs.net or Tel: 020 8216 4924.
what an excellent idea,mainly because carers are finally being given different rights to people who's family are just in for standard operations and otherwise healthy.my next fight is that i'm trying to get the alzheimers society to train doctors and nurses how to treat people with alzheimers ie short questions and closed questions but at the same time aim the questions at the carer also,so they can pick up and answer if the question is causing upset because caree can't answer,this might be a struggle
Just e-mailed our Trust to see if they are interested Image
Myrtle, that's great - hope you get a positive response.

Malc, improvement of dementia care has to be a primary focus for all Trusts, especially after the National Dementia Strategy. However, unfortunately, it can take some time to train everyone, especially doctors and the like - usually, the nursing staff are the first to receive the training. I don't know which Trust you are under but, if you are wany any extra help regarding their dementia training, you could look up a scheme call 'The Butterfly Scheme' which has been set up by a former dementia carer and which has been installed in many Trusts around the country. http://dignifiedrevolution.org.uk/our-b ... cheme.html. The lady who conceived the scheme will be very willing to correspond and help you. Good luck.
I've a meeting coming up in my local area with the hospitals trust. They want to work with us to improve support for carers: this has added to my "shopping list" Image
reply from the trust

Dear Jean thank you for your email. I have forwarded it to the PCT lead for Carers and to my colleagues in local trusts with inpatient facilities.
We would say that we rarely hear of any issues for carers in access to their carees on a ward in this area. Most hospitals have set visiting times , but are very flexible where additional support is of benefit to the patient.

Mrs A H
Senior Manager, Patient Advice and Liaison Service
If they rarely have issues, that means they come up. And this would help to solve it.

Presented the idea to our local hospitals trust yesterday - they seem quite keen.
What a fabulous idea.
Our spinal unit allows carers and PAs to stay whenever they want to and can come and go as they please, but in the general hospitals there's no such open-ness. After our episode at our local general hospital which I told you all about, it's about time that they took a wider view about their patients' needs and applied some common sense.
In our spinal unit, I could stay on the 'male' ward all night if I wanted to, with hubby.
In the general hospital I was being kicked out, because it's a 'male' ward.
I just wanted to thank everyone for their enthusiasm for this idea. I'm not online that often but it's heartening to hear others wanting to try and get a similar scheme implemented by their Trusts. It's not always easy to do this - in my case it helped that the Director of Nursing wanted to set up a patients and relatives advisory group (PRAG) made up of patients and relatives, in order to make improvements and reducing complaints. This was the vehicle which enabled me to suggest more flexible visiting hours.

However, generally in the news, it is more recognised that there really are not enough nursing staff, with all the will in the world, to help all their patients, especially the more vulnerable ones with even basic requirements like feeding and that, the assistance of carers is very beneficial and aids quicker discharge. Therefore, although some Trusts may be slow to this idea, there are precedents and awareness that additional help from others is necessary and this should not be seen as a hindrance.

Myrtle, I hope your Trust do show willingness to accept such a scheme. Where they say that there is little requirement at present, it surely therefore won't do any harm to implement such a scheme as they won't be deluged with extra visitors but it would bring tremendous relief to us worried carers and improve their profile. I don't know if they have a PRAG of their own but maybe this is another way in. Anyway, I really wish you good luck. If you can tell me which Trust it is, I can mention it to my Trust and see if there is anything they can do to 'persuade' them although I can't promise. (This also goes for anyone else who would like to set up similar schemes).
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