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home safety alert

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
Before 'Fran' days, hubby used to use a wireless doorbell. His bedroom was downstairs in an extension at the back of the house and the PA bedroom was upstairs at the front of the house. He used to push the doorbell part of it and it used to work great. I don't think that the number of walls (your 2 walls is nothing these days), would effect the way the wireless doorbells work.
There is a system called POSSUM, which can be programmed with numerous telephone numbers and also gives remote control over light switches/tv/radio and other electrical equipment. There is a microphone enabling the user to make and receive telephone calls, also a separate phone set for use in another room (so hubby can call you, if you have the phone set in your room).
I don't know where you live, but we obtained ours through ACT, via the social services dept.
Batteries are always flat when you need them most. What about an old -fashioned handbell? They are pretty loud. You could even rig one upstairs using an old-fashioned pull cord from below as long as you can get a wire to pass through the floor/ceiling, and that isnt hard.
Hi Frandrake and Scally (reminds me of when I used to work in LIverpool! Image ), many thanks for your suggestions. We did have a handbell but the problem was my husband has a very bad tremor and more often than not the bell ended up on the floor- but we did not think of the line attachment thing. I have heard about the possum, it may be a bit more hightech than we need, but I will certainly look it up. Thanks again everyone who has posted a reply- all helpful, and makes one feel less alone with these problems, which literature never seems to address........