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home safety alert

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I don't need the system which rings a list of people when activated. I need some sort of alarm that I can have in my bedroom at night, so my husband can alert me if he needs anything (he is in a separate room). Anyone found anything? He has Parkinsons so I need a one press button which he can manage. I have looked at a few on the internet but when you look at reviews they all seem to be rather unreliable. I need a wireless system- he will have to have his bed downstairs soon. Has anyone tried a baby alarm? If so what type?
Any comments would be welcomed.
Hi Meshach

I was going to suggest a baby alarm but I see you've thought of that already !

What about a wireless door bell ? He could have the push button part (that would normally be fitted on the front door) and you could have the 'chime' part with you. They run off a battery and are easy to set up - we had one fitted to Mum's front door as her original doorbell was always going wrong, no problems since it was fitted except the battery needed replacing after a couple of years. Or you can get one that plugs in. You can buy them from any hardware store or from Argos.

See here for the Argos ones
http://www.argos.co.uk/webapp/wcs/store ... s=DOORBELL
we have been looking at baby alarms recently, and there are some where you can have a small screen with it,as well as sound. If your husband got to a point where he could not push a button, he can attract your attention by moving an arm or his head,when he calls.Available in Argos.
Good luck with finding something that suits you both.Have a look at Youtube, once you have seen something you like, then the name of it into Youtube and you will more than likely see a demonstration of how it is used.
You don't have to enrol on Youtube just to view things.
Image many thanks Lazy daisy and SusieQ! I will follow up both suggestions- thanks again. Otherwise I will get no sleep wondering if he is ok. Not all wireless stuff is very good- signal needs to go through 2 walls- but I do use remote switches (plug in) to switch lights on and off from upstairs to downstairs, so guess I just have to keep looking. Will post news of any successes in case others are looking.
Hi, my mum has a wired doorbell which was used to wake her carer when he was better able to care for her... but that's not relevant to you.

As a hearing impaired person, I have experience of wireless flashing doorbells, which may be better for alerting you to your caree should you be sleeping at night. What you might like to know is that you get what you pay for:- i.e the cheaper doorbells tend to have a radius of 100m whilst the more expensive ones go up to 200m - the signal will easily go through the 2 walls you need it to as I've tested 1 doorbell to send a signal through 3 walls and down a flight of stairs before I moved to where I live now and the doorbell in question had a radius of 200m. The best bit about it was that we could carry the receiver from room to room which was perfect when we were waiting on an important visitor.

Hope this helps Image
Many thanks for the tips Beck- I will look these up (you don't remember which one yours is do you)? The other thing I thought of was, my husband has a simple pendant type mobile phone which just has 5 has preprogrammed speed dials, no keyboard, and I though we might try this, he can leave it switched on all night and just hit one button to ring my mobile which I will have on in my room. This would get round the distance and probs with walls etc.
My particular one, I'd advise against simply because it broke when the batteries were changed in the receiver, but there's a rechargeable one on http://www.actiononhearingloss.org.uk/s ... bells.aspx Action on Hearing loss's website for £41.88 that does away with the need for batteries in the receiver - simply park it in it's dock at night to charge.

Take a look and give them a try - Remember, you have 7 days (cooling off period) starting the day after you receive it to return it if you buy anything online. So if it doesn't work in your room or where your husband will sleep downstairs, you can send it back and try another.
Thanks again, Beck- I have now got a few things to try thanks to all who replied- bound to find something that suits!
Hi Meshach

I have a telephone which has two extensions to it. I am not a carer as such. My husband cares for me. I have Parkinsons and I find that I keep one extension wherever I am and should I need to speak to my husband I simply dial extn 1 and it rings wherever he is in the house. I hope this helps you.
Hello Gracie-
many thanks for your information. At present we are coping by my husband using his Doro pendant type phone (v good, 5 speed dials and can receive from any phone but you can't dial other numbers) - one of the speed dials is my mobile which I keep on all night. He then has to just hit the one button which dials my phone. Also found that the remote plugs available in DIY shops are good- have one linked to the bedside light in his room so he again has only one button to hit which turns the light on without him having to try to reach the light switch (these are great for anyone to use). Will probably have to think of other solutions as he deteriorates- his main problem is a severe tremor. Thanks again!