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Becoming a Deputy for Welfare - Carers UK Forum

Becoming a Deputy for Welfare

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Hi Carers

Does anyone know on how I can get help with forms to become a deputy for the welfare of my severely disabled daughter, I feel time is now becoming more difficult with the health service professionals being shoddy, and very uninformative around my daughters well being.

It's becoming more difficult to get my daughter to accept something like a blood test, when I finally managed to get her to sit patiently they took her blood and never done the test, instead threw her blood away and now they want to do this again and she is not having it done. It's becoming more stressful and worrying for me because she might have diabetes and I will not get any treatment for her until this test is done.

If I knew all what was going on I could have made a difference into not letting them get that far by throwing the blood away and use my equality as a deputy to be more involved, which lately they are never there or answer my emails.

I have downloaded the forms and I do not want to get anything wrong when it comes to courts of protection and who do I ask in the health that would give me permission. Any advice would help greatly, thank you
My son with severe learning difficulties had problems with a stupid nurse, who couldn't understand that it was no good asking him "On a score of one to ten, how would you rate your pain at the moment". When I told her asking that was a waste of time, she said "But I need to know". All this after I'd taken infinite care to make sure they all understood, supposedly, that he had the mental age of just three, plus aphasia, so they needed to think carefully when talking to him, keeping it as simple as possible. The upshot of all this was me making a formal complaint when he was (finally after a battle) under the anaesthetic.
Ultimately, I learned that on that day, 1st August, a new initiative had been introduced into the NHS, aimed at making sure all staff knew how to manage and communicate with all patients. I just can't remember what it was called. I suggest that you contact the PALS department of your local hospital, and ask why you are having problems in view of this initiative. Sorry I can't be more precise right now.
Hi Petty,

Believe it or not I've just been in a discussion with the Citizens Advice Bureau about a similar topic.

They have what they call "Form Fillers" who are experts in the subject and making sure every question is answered in the best possible way. As I'm full time and only carer for my Mum they've even agreed to come to my house to help.

I'd suggest giving them a call, and of course being CAB it's free.

Hope this helps.

Stephen, I can't remember anyone ever saying that before, really interesting. IHow do you access a "form filler"?