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Money given to carer. Payment? Gift? - Carers UK Forum

Money given to carer. Payment? Gift?

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I wonder if you anyone could please advise me.
My husband and I both care for my father in law. My husband was self employed until my father in law's health deteriorated about 2 years ago. At that point we moved in with him to care for him as he needs round the clock care. Due to the caring role my husband is no longer to work in his self employed role or take on other employment. His Dad has kindly offered to pay him £70 per week to help him out.
I have read though that sometimes this can be viewed as the 'caree' 'employing a carer and if this was the case he would need to pay national insurance contributions etc. Is this correct? Is there a way of him paying the money as a gift?
Basically I was wondering how this payment should be classified as my husband needs to complete his self assessment tax return this week for HMRC. Should he put it as self-employed income as a 'carer'? Or something else? I am not even sure he should still be registered as self-employed as he is unable to work in this capacity at the moment but due to 'life's up and downs' getting our head around such things is often difficult :(
Sorry for rambling but I hope this makes some sense
Many thanks for any help you are able to give me
Hi Debbie,
I'm afraid I don't know. I recommend contacting the helpline:

Carers UK Adviceline

You can talk to us five days a week, no matter

Open Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm.

Advice Line or phone 0808 808 7777

Email advice@carersuk.org
They tend to be really busy, so if you can't get through email them.

I transfer Dad's attendence Allowance to myself but haven't been paying myself for care. I also pay some extra to myself because Lifeline goes from my account so I cover that to.
Keep it unofficial, if Dad weren't paying you he would be spending his AA on alternative care.
If there is a possibility it will use up dad's savings and come into play in SS financial assessments of the future then perhaps you need to be more careful in accounting for it's use. Probably best to pay it into household fund- i e cash rather than straight into your account.
----Just my personal take on things not official advice.
Re the gifting side of things- Dad can make a gift of up to £3k per year to you without it affecting IT so if you are not receiving the cash gift , you could account for it in this way.