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Working From Home Jobs

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
As my mother becomes more and more frail, and the Home Care Services becomes more so unhelpful, I feel the only way forward to to give up going out to work and try and find somthing where I could work from home and be close at hand for mum. I've got managerial and admin experiance, but would be willing to turn my hand to anything.
Has anyone been down that road or got any advice that they could offer.
Thanks for reading.
Hi Kitty,

the only time I tried working from home was a good many years ago after I had been made redundant - I was able to work for a local builder typing up estimates etc. It kept the wolf from the door until I was able to get back into full time working.

Have you spoken to your current employer to see if there is any chance of you working from home for them ? A lot of jobs can be done so easily from home now that we all have computers and the internet; my last employer tried to talk me into working from home when I retired a few years back as they didn't want to lose my expertise completely but I turned down their offer as I knew I wouldn't be able to commit to the number of hours per week needed.

Good luck with your search !

I would love to work from home too as I had to give up work when I was 39, but I can't find anything that fits around caring for Mum. It needs to be something very simple for me that I can stop and start as needed.
Be careful looking for jobs on the internet as alot of them are scams asking you to send them money for the information.
Good luck and let us know how you get on.
I used to work for a manufacturer/supplier of logoed uniforms and every single logo badge was hand-sewn onto the garments (shirts, jumpers, skirts, blouses etc). I used to take a bundle home with me sometimes, or my boss would bring them round in his car and sit and hand-sew these badges on. It was separate from the normal admin/PA job that I did for him every day, but he paid me extra for doing that at home. He also used to employ a woman who turned up trousers by hand, I used to take a load of trousers round to her house and collect them a few days later etc etc.
Ever thought of something like that?
I also used to iron my friend's husband's shirts too, she was hopeless at doing it nicely and with my WRAF ironing-creases-in training, she was only too happy to have me do them. He used to have a change of shirt every day for the office, so there was always plenty of shirts to do. I'd only advise this to be done with family and friends though, I wouldn't do it on a formal basis unless you can work to a deadline and very precisely, cos these home ironing companies can be very picky.

Good luck in your work search.