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How can I get a walking frame? My friend gets around the house with the aid of 2 sticks, but these are so wobbly she is always having falls, also she cannot carry a drink or snack from the kitchen to her chair. Ideally she could do with a wheeled one with a tray, one that she could also turn round and sit on if she feels dizzy.
I've asked at the hospital and looked in the Help the Aged shop, and several charity shops in town have promised to look out for one and save it for me ............ but surely there must be a way of buying one locally?
Your friend should ask her GP to refer to her local Occupational Therapy unit - they will be able to give her one on 'free' permanent loan :D (In many areas you self-refer yourself to the OT unit - details are usually to be found on the local authority website under "Adult Services".)

Failing that do you have a local Mobility shop nearby ? They usually sell them - they're are lots on the market (Google 'Rollators' for details).
Rollators - thats a new one on me, thank you.
She has dementia and isn't capable of asking anyone anything, but I'll suggest it to her husband as he is the registered carer. Thank you.
When you speak to the husband, just ask if he knew his wife was EXEMPT from council tax, and entitled to Attendance Allowance. So many people don't claim what they are entitled to.
The Red Cross provide mobility equipment on loan in some places but definitely ring Social Services and ask for OT first as hopefully it will be free and they might offer things you haven't even thought of.