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Help with falls with a single carer - Carers UK Forum

Help with falls with a single carer

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Hi there
I was looking for advice and any equipment that could help to lift a person who has fallen.
I'm the soul carer for my mum, she is a bit bigger than me and, if she falls, i can't help her up to her chair without hurting her or myself.
She can move herself (stand, slide herself into position) but has no sense of balance (so i'm usually in front) and a weakness down one side (brain tumour, not stroke) and, like tonight, sometimes decides she doesn't need any help.
My brother came and helped, and all is well now, but i need to have options.
This is her first fall in about 2 years, but it was late, and i didn't know if my brother could even come and help, or who to call if i couldn't get her up.
This happened much earlier, i've just not been able to sleep....

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer
... and sorry if this is in the wrong place
Hi, welcome to the forum. Do NOT try to lift mum. Call the ambulance service, who are trained to check mum over before lifting her. There are too many carers with lifelong injuries because of caring.
seconded. When my father falls, I call the ambulance because I can't lift him by myself.

In addition, if the person has injured themselves, only a professional will be able to tell how serious that is and the safest way to get them upright.
I echo the above ! and would also add that the ambulance crews are more than happy to come out and lift an elderly person who has fallen. My Mum used to have regular falls and the crews would always say that they'd much rather be assisting an elderly person who had fallen than deal with drunks on the street !

Besides which if Mum had sustained any damage in the fall it could be made worse by someone not trained trying to move her.
In our county, we have a specialist 24/7 service which we can call to help a person back up (if there is no medical need for an ambulance, obviously). I was given the 'phone number by my local carers' group but it is also in the help for carers' directory that Social Services gives out. The advantage is that on busy days this might be a low-priority call for the ambulance service. You could ask your Social Services if there is something similar near you?
L, as you are a new member, can I just check that you are getting all the help you are entitled to.
Has mum had a Needs Assessment from Social Services, and you, a Carers Assessment?
Is mum claiming Attendance Allowance at the highest rate?
Are you claiming Carers Allowance (if under pension age)?
Are you mum's DWP Appointee, if she finds managing her benefits difficult?
Has mum written a Power of Atttorney in your favour?
If it's clear that your mum hasn't injured herself in the fall, ie, that she isn't in pain, and can move all her limbs without pain etc, then MAYBE, providing she is mobile enough when not fallen (!), she could roll forward, to get on to her knees, and then, if you put a FIRM chair in front of her, the seat facing her, she could use that to lever HERSELF upwards. That way she can move as slowly as she feels she can, she can stop if there is pain, and then, even if you are 'hovering' you aren't using your weight to support her.

Lifting a 'dead weight' upright from the floor is immensely hard, so if she can't do the above (allowing a little 'shock recovery time' as well, and maybe getting her intitially to get to a sitting position, leaning against something firm) then definitely call the paramdedics. I had to do this when my late husband fell out of bed. Quite scary.
Call the ambulance, as others have said. For my very overweight brother, the ambulance used to bring a device called the Manga Elk, an inflatable cushion that he could sit on and then it was mechanically inflated till he was standing. The ambulance had to collect it from somewhere - there was not one in every ambulance.
Remember to keep your mum warm while she is waiting to be lifted. Put a blanket over her, and maybe a hot water bottle at this time of year? A pillow/cushion under her head (IF she can move her head/neck without pain). Warm socks, gloves?

Watch out for her maybe going into shock, as that can be potentially dangerous. Hopefully if you are calling the paramedics they will go through signs with you, but you can also look them up on the Internet or in a first aid book.

Crouch down with her and hold her hand, keep her calm and be reassuring.

Check for bruising developing afterwards wherever her body took the brunt of the impact, and check it's healing OK. Tissue damage in the elderly again can be dangerous if untreated and unhealed.

The few times I've tripped and fallen in my life have been 'shocking' in their aftermath. It's quite a disturbing experience, even for the young-ish and healthy!
Please dont lift her on yoir own, i know what your saying as ive had to struggle with mine as she has fallen and has no muscular condition to move her legs even if i am holding her up... its usless and so hard on your back, please dont do this.. just call for ambulance or hit the call button on her wrist help or chain help system... they should have keys and can come and assist.
You come first always my friend xxx