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Tea, Tips and Tricks - Carers UK Forum

Tea, Tips and Tricks

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
Hello all

Since April over 500 carers have attended our online meet-ups for carers that we hold on Zoom twice a week. At these sessions carers share tips with each other on how they've learned to manage their caring roles (sometimes they also share some tricks on how they've managed to get what they need for themselves and their loved ones!). We'd like to share these tips and tricks with many more carers and so each week will be sharing them in this thread on the Forum and in our social media. We hope this will also encourage you to share the tips and tricks that you have learned while caring.

At yesterday's Share & Learn session researcher and writer Mel McLaren gave a really inspiring talk on what she learned from caring for her husband Ian from his diagnosis with Parkinson's until he passed away last year. Below we've provided some of the tips that Mel shared with carers who attended the session.

If you're not familiar with our online meet-ups, we usually hold Care for a Cuppa sessions on Mondays at 3pm which are an opportunity for you to meet with other carers, chat about how you're feeling and discuss any issues you're dealing with at the moment. We also hold Share & Learn sessions on Thursdays at 3pm where we invite external guests to facilitate sessions on everything from carer wellbeing to creative writing to Motown singalongs! To book a place at one of our online meet-ups please visit www.carersuk.org/cuppa

With good wishes

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Hello all

At Tuesday's Care for a Cuppa session we discussed carers' experiences of attending GP appointments and obtaining medication for the people they look after during the coronavirus crisis. The carers attending shared the following tips:
  • sometimes it can be difficult to get through to the GP receptionist to book appointments so try emailing them and asking them to call you back
  • if you're trying to avoid being near to other people, rather than queuing at a chemist during the day, try visiting your nearest late-night chemist which is likely to be quiet
  • if you order medication with your chemist over the phone, you may also be able to get the chemist to deliver the medication to your home
  • avoid putting off going to see your GP - as a carer, sometimes you just have to put yourself first
We hope you find these tips helpful and please feel free to add to these tips in this thread.

I would add to that list, finding out what you can do online with your surgery.
Usually (not during covid) I can book appointments with the doctors I like, avoid those I don't!
I can also order medication that's usually on repeat prescription.
They then email the chemist and he dispenses it.
They will also deliver if needed.
Thanks bowlingbun for these additional helpful tips.

At today's Care for a Cuppa session carers shared their tips on Carer's Assessments. These were referred to in Carers UK's response today to the Alzheimer's Society report 'The fog of support'.
https://www.carersuk.org/news-and-campa ... of-support

The tips provided were:
  • Get a friend or family member to go with you to the Carer's Assessment
  • Write down the kind of support you are looking for before you go
  • A Carer's Assessment isn't something you pass or fail - it's intended to assess what support is right for you
  • Think about your mental health as well as practical and financial support you may be entitled to (e.g. you may be able to request counselling, a massage or a spa day)
  • Make sure you give them a rounded picture of your life as a carer - if you're having a good day, tell them about your worst days as well
  • You could request a Carer's Assessment each year, particularly if your circumstances change
  • If you aren't offered support, make sure you ask for it
If you have any further tips on Carer's Assessments, please share them in this topic.


Hi Michael, theory and practice are very different.

I wrote to SSD formally requesting a new assessment in May 2019. In November 2019 the "care manager" "updated" my Carers Assessment with things I was supposed to have said at a meeting about my son, not me. I was misquoted!!
I have had two carers assessments.
Neither resulted in a support plan
I honestly don't know why professionals are paid as much as they do.

They make so many mistakes on paperwork.

I spend all my time trying to correct it.

You can tell I am feeling i have had enough of Officialdom!
Hello everyone

Here are a few tips that have been shared by carers during our Care for a Cuppa sessions in recent weeks. If you'd like to join one of our twice-weekly online meetups, please register at www.carersuk.org/cuppa

Physical and mental wellbeing tips
  • Taking a walk in nature helps your own wellbeing.
  • Recommended YouTube fitness videos were Mr Motivator and Fitness Blender Videos.
  • "The best way of dealing with the challenges I face as a carer is by laughter and by song."
  • Try to stay positive - or at least find the positive in the negative' and 'Look for something to be grateful for each day'.
  • Find activities you enjoy and do it with others if that helps to motivate you
  • Make the most of your good days
  • Start slowly and build up – every movement matters
  • Move more by building activity into your day
  • 'If I don't have time for a break from my caring, I just breathe in for myself and out for my son'.
  • 'As carers we need to give ourselves permission to look after ourselves.'
  • Sleep is important. When you have care workers in, try to maximise the break you have by taking the time to rest
  • Don't forget to look after yourself and maintain a sense of balance. It's important to keep well for yourself and your loved one.

Practical tips:
  • Getting Christmas grocery delivery slots secured well ahead of Christmas.
  • Take any offer to help that come your way, including from friends and family. If you don't need any help now, thank them and let them know you may do in the future.
Please share any tips that have helped you in your caring role by posting in this topic.


To be healthy and beautiful you need:
- exercise
- eat right
- plenty of rest
- have a healthy sleep
- talk to positive people.

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These are my top money saving tips etc.

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thara_22071 wrote:
Sun Jul 17, 2022 9:05 pm
These are my top money saving tips etc.
Thanks for sharing these tips Thara. Members may also find this page on the Carers UK website helpful for managing living costs.

https://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advic ... ving-costs