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Help I need advice on ESA - Carers UK Forum

Help I need advice on ESA

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I need help and advice On ESA and what to do when they've got it wrong? Anyone been through it please help me .My husband has been put in the work related activity group when he should be in the support group. I'm very worried as I know how stressful he is going to find this its impossible for him to work and his GP wrote a supporting letter stating this . I also know he will be very stressed if we appeal.between a rock and a hard place.Fairy
What, in your view, is the main obstacle, to him being able to get a job? We know that lots of very disabled people can work, and some of them are in very senior positions. So the ESA assessment, quite rightly, will try to find out not what he can't do, but what he can do.
I'm in the opposite situation: my son would love to work but he has been placed in the support group without even getting the benefit of a face to face assessment. That might sound cool, but actually it isnt: I have no intention of wasting the next 20 years of my life 'minding' him at home. I have a life too.
Your task now is to prove that he CAN'T work, and it isn't easy. Many disabled people can work, as you know. (Some probably earn a lot more than we do - think Stevie Wonder or David Blunkett).

My task, on the contrary, is to prove that my son CAN work, (with the right supports) and that is even harder.

The system is f*cked, quite frankly, and the only real solution is for everyone to get a bit more politically involved and campaign for change, but in the short term try your Citizens Advice office or Carers Centre and aim for an appeal: 40% succeed.
would not voluntary work be the place to start, just to prove to everybody that perhaps with some help your son could do a job. Then he would have proof to put on his C.V.
Scally my husband suffers from severe bipolar disorder he has been unable to work since he was 30 he is now 63. He has been hospitalized several times in the past now in mental health there are so few beds only the people who are a threat to themselves or the public are given beds there is a dire shortage so people are cared for at home.Stress can make my husband's illness much much worse and make him unable to function at all.As with everything a label doesn't tell the whole story about that individual but this dicision is major to us. All advice welcome as I feel between a rock and a hardplace on what way to go forward.Stress if he is in the wrong work related band and stress for him if I suggest appeal help. Fairy Image
Fairy, I am sorry that you find yourself in this difficult situation.

I know a fair bit about bipolar and also about mental health problems and it is sometimes worse because people "look" ok, others don't understand the turmoil that is inside.

Having said that, it is impossible to keep anyone stress free and it is a part of life that everyone, including those with mental health issues, have to live with.
If you truly feel that he should be in the support group and is unable to do any work at all ever, then the only way forward is to make an appeal. You can support your hubby but you cannot cushion him completely and he needs to understand that there has to be an appeal if he wants less stress in the long run.

I went through the appeals process for my daughter, she was put in the support group in the end but it took a few months, as the last year has shown, it was absolutely the right thing to do as at present she is unable to work. It is a situation I hope will change and when it does, some kind of employment will be a great boost for her.

I would get in touch with a supportive organisation but you will also need to provide as much info as possible. Letters from Cpn, psychiatrist and anyone else who he is in touch with that can show for him to work would be impossible. I'm afraid a letter from your GP, although helpful, might not be enough.

First thing to do is to discuss it with hubby then get yourself some help.

Good luck Image
Scally, you can ask for it to be reviewed if you are not happy with your son being in the support group.
If you get a DWP decision you don't like the only way you can change it is to appeal. Being stressed about a written appeal has surely still got to be less stressful than trying to go to a work related activity. Have you asked to see a copy of the paperwork which resulted in their decision. If not, do so asap (remember that there is a limited time to appeal though). When I saw the DLA report on me it was a joke, and having seen their report, it was relatively easy to spot the mistakes they'd made - i.e. the Waitrose disabled car park was 300 yards from the store. In fact it's 6 feet away!!!
Thankyou for your helpful advice. Obviously benefits need to be for people who really need them and satisfy the conditions, hopefully this will weed out the cheats but genuine people can get swept aside too. Image This is what has happened to my husband his health needs have been undervalued its very difficult.Fairy
We are going to the CAB for advice tomorrow and my husband will appeal. Fairy
We are going to the CAB for advice tomorrow and my husband will appeal. Fairy
Good, I think from what you have shared he stands a very good chance at appeal. As for stress, there is plenty of evidence to show that all organic life forms thrive on stress. I have no truck with this attitude that " applying for benefits might kill Fred". All life-forms needs to compete and struggle to survive: even plankton: it comes with the evolutionary DNA and basically, once we cease to wriggle, we die. That is the way now, and it has always been the way. Otherwise, we might end up all being maintained for ever in a biochemical soup in permanent suspension whilst Chopin is played in the endless background loop; perish the thought!

Whilst as for my son, as he is still a student I cant see much benefit in appealing for him to go on the work-group where he will receive zero support and a lot less dosh, tbh. It's not that the system is stopping him getting a job, but realistically I can't imagine any conventional employer giving him a chance, as things stand. He might be better off just going along for the ride, gaining varied life experience, and having fun. I mean I didn't bother much about conventional work myself until children came along.