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Help! I don't know what to do!! - Carers UK Forum

Help! I don't know what to do!!

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Hi everyone.
My mum (age 74) is just out of hospital after being admitted for acute confusion 3 weeks ago. This was first thought to be due to a urine infection but now the docs think it was related to my mum being prescribed prednisalone for her polymyalgia rheumatica and the dose was probably too high.
After being in hospital for 2 weeks mum was diagnosed with pneumonia and put on antibiotics. She was then sent home much to all our relief. Now we have a new problem though. Since coming home my mum has become very incontinent - both urine and faecal. Before going to hospital she suffered from urinary incontinence (moderate I would say) - I know this is very common in older people and we were coping with it okay with the use of Boots Pull Ups (that's what my mum calls them, not sure if it's their official name!). There was never any faecal incontinence though, this is a completely new thing and my dad who lives with her is finding it very difficult to cope. She does not have any indication that she needs 'to go' and there are leakages all the time which she also doesn't feel.
Does anyone have any advice for me please? Is there anything that can be done? Any practical ideas or suggestions? My dad is 77 years old and in poor health himself, I am not sure how we are going to cope if this is going to be a permanent problem. I'm going to see our family GP tomorrow but meanwhile I wondered if anyone on here had any experience of this.
Many thanks

PS. My mum also suffers from dementia (mild). I am not sure whether this incontinence could be due to this although I would have expected it to be more gradual if so....
It's possible that the faecal incontinence is related to the antibiotics your mother received when she had pneumonia, this can be a side-effect of antibiotics especially when used in high doses, they kill the good gut bacteria along with the target bacteria. In your position I'd speak to the GP and see what he/she suggests and also ask for an incontinence assessment, faecal incontinence is hard to cope with but with the right pads it can be a little easier and the incontinence or district nurse may also be able to make other suggestions. I also use disposable square protector sheets on chairs and a mattress cover and Kylie sheets on the bed, you may already use these to deal with the urinary incontinence, these aren't available via the NHS locally, the pads are, but well worth the expense. And Shout and a good long soak is pretty good at removing stains (bicarbonate of soda applied to a dampened area and hoovered off when dry is also very good at removing the smell of urine from carpets). I hope you get it sorted out, it is a bit of a nightmare.
Hi Mandy, I only have experience of Urinary incontinence with my wife, but I was struck by your description of your Mum. After her stroke my wife has had incontinence for two and a half years, and we get supplied with Tena pads, a slip to go inside pants during the day, and a wrap around pad for overnight. They can take very large amounts of liquid without leaking and are excellent. You will need to go through an Incontinence Adviser (Hospital?) but the pads should be supplied without charge. Hope this helps.
Thanks very much for this information both of you!
I bought a Kylie sheet today and am waiting for the incontinence advisor to get back to me, hopefully tomorrow.
Thanks again. Image
my sons doubley incontinent and has been all his life he is 33 now. you can get pads that wrap round and are elasticated at the legs exactley the same as baby ones but larger. you get them up to huge.xxl and in several absorbenses the thickest being great.

try via social worker/ carers assesment road if the area has a community laundry if so you will find it a real benifit, they supply you with hospital type white sheets and bags and bags specially for feacus soiled sheets that can go staight into there washer. they come once a week collect all the dirty sheets and leave fresh ones.