Help how to complain about the care my mom is getting on a rehab ward

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Could anyone help please, my 74 year old mom had a fall 3 weeks ago and broke her shoulder, after 2 weeks in hospital they moved her to a rehab ward at a different hospital, since be at this hospital they have stopped her standing up because she cannot hold one with both hands they are not happy to move her, she been on this ward for 8 days now and she is worse in her condition, I have spoke to the ward manager and just keep hitting a wall with them, she only seen a physio 3 times for 5 minutes in the last 3 times. Am I right to feel this is the wrong for her, I am my moms full time carer,I feel she would be better at home with me .

Thank you :?:
Every hospital has a PALS office, patient liason. Go and see them, or ring them up, and complain. If that doesn't work, ring the Chief Executive's office. Also ask to see the Consultant in charge of the ward.
Hi Mary,
I'd be concerned too. If she doesn't maintain her mobility she will lose it.
How much support does she require to stand? It sounds like a health and safety issue to me rather than because of her health ( we have a lot of over-the-top health and safety rules at our special school too.)
What is the purpose of her being in rehab if they aren't giving her any rehab. Ask to see her rehab/ physio/ care plan, what are her targets/ outcomes? Are you and she happy with them?

Ask if rehab in the community is possible instead. I had support at home from the community rehab team following major hip surgery and the team were great.